Died 7 years ago today: Did Hal Finney develop Bitcoin?

Is Hal Finney Satoshi Nakamoto?

Hal Finney counts as the only co-developer on bitcoin. Due to this particular characteristic, there are many different legends about Finney’s actual position towards bitcoin. Many think that the emails with Satoshi were just meant to be distractions so that no one would think of him as a developer.

In fact, Finney was also the first person to mention Bitcoin on Twitter. On January 9, 2009, three days before the first ever Bitcoin transaction, Hal Finney tweeted:

Hal Finney Bitcoin TwitterHal Finney Bitcoin Twitter

Source: Twitter – Hal Finney

The tweet has been able to achieve a very high reach due to the widespread use of Bitcoin in today’s world. With almost 12,000 retweets and with over 33,000 likes, the importance of the tweet to the crypto world is clear. A reason why Hal Finney could have created Bitcoin, and the emails were just distractions. Three days later, on January 12, 2009, the first Bitcoin transaction was made by Satoshi Nakamoto to Hal Finney, sending 10 BTC as a test at the time.

Hal Finney, Bitcoin and his last statement

In August 2009, Finney was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The disease is fatal within 2-5 years and initially does not allow signals from the brain to pass properly to the muscles until paralysis occurs. In March 2013, Finney stated on the Bitcoin Forum that he was virtually completely paralyzed, but still continued to program, via his eyes using an eye tracker system. He was also able to control a voice system through this, which he also programmed himself.

Also at that time, Hal Finney continued to develop Bitcoin. Shortly before his death, he was working on software that would improve the security function of certain processes. This would harden bitcoin wallets. In this move, he explained that although he was lucky because he got into it early and enjoyed the new technology, he also witnessed the crash of 2011. What goes up can come down.

Towards the end, he explained that his Bitcoins are stored in a safe deposit box and his daughter and son are tech savvy to make them usable again. He also appealed to the discussion of bitcoin inheritance as being of academic interest.

These were the last words of Hal Finney about Bitcoin and the story behind it. We are sure that Finney’s story will soon be in the textbooks. Even though no one can be 100% sure that Hal Finney created Bitcoin, he is defiantly one of the most important figures who contributed to the creation of the largest decentralized cryptocurrency of all time! Rest in Peace Hal Finney.

The evolution of Bitcoin has gone from a payment method of the cypherpunk movement to a possible legal tender in many countries. Now, after El Salvador, Cuba also wants to integrate Bitcoin as legal tender!