Dick spikes on Ethereum: The day beer giant Budweiser got tricked by NFTs

More and more companies are playing the NFT game. After Visa acquired a CryptoPunk, it’s now the turn of the Budweiser brand to acquire an NFT fan-art with the brand’s image. All was going well, until trolls got involved.

Budweiser caught up in the NFT hype

Budweiser, the brand well known for its eponymous beer, has also fallen victim to the NFT hype. On August 24, the company acquired its first NFT.

According to data available on OpenSea, the company acquired the work “Life of the Party” from the Rocket Factory series by Tom Sachs for 8 ETH, or about $25,000 at the current price. The work in question represents a rocket made up of 3 cans of the brand’s beer.

Le NFT acquis par BudweiserLe NFT acquis par BudweiserThe NFT acquired by Budweiser – Source: Opensea.

Once the NFT was purchased, the company obviously rushed to use it as a profile picture for its Twitter account.

Budweiser change sa photo de profil avec son NFTBudweiser change sa photo de profil avec son NFTBudweiser changes its profile picture with its NFT

In addition to this, the Budweiser company also acquired the ENS (Ethereum Name Service) Beer.eth for 30 ETH, or about $93,000


Thus, Budweiser is following in the footsteps of Visa, which made headlines after purchasing CryptoPunk for a cool $165,000

. Other brands such as Arizona Ice Tea have also fallen for the NFT trend.

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However, after buying its first NFT, Budweiser didn’t expect the turn of events that would follow


Indeed, the entire community was now aware of the company’s Ethereum address via its Beer.eth ENS. As a result, trolls began sending various NFTs of varying degrees of good taste to this address, making Budweiser their official owner.

Thus, exploring the brand’s collection on Opensea, we find some surprising works to say the least, such as PeePeeBoy #16, a representation of a phallus disguised as Harry Potter, which of course makes no sense whatsoever.

PeePeeBoy aux côtés de Life of the PartyPeePeeBoy aux côtés de Life of the PartyPeePeeBoy alongside Life of the Party – Source: <a href=”https://opensea.io/0x01b9ae223e71b215209a0b6873ef63d7925862cc” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Opensea.

Even more surprising is the work “Minimalistic cock

” which represents a freehand drawing of a phallus. So many phallic references that seem to amuse trolls all over the world.

For its part, Visa has not been left out. Indeed, the address that had acquired CryptoPunk earlier this week also has its share of NFT trolls. Thus, we find once again a multitude of phallic representations in various styles, female breasts as well as references to its long-time competitor, Mastercard.

Launched at the beginning of the year, the NFT trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. For example, some of the algorithmically generated artworks from the Art Blocks project have reached the million dollar mark on secondary marketplaces


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