Dfinity Computer gives away 10,000 free NFTs to users
Clown (Symbolbild)Clown (Symbolbild)

Dfinity’s blockchain network Internet Computer has announced the release of 10,000 NFTs that any user can get once for free. The characters were created by Przemek, Tomasz Chojecki and Adam Stępnik. They were presumably inspired by the legendary and overly successful CryptoPunk NFTs, as well as 1990s hip-hop artists Insane Clown Posse, which served as a model for rapper Eminem, among others. There will be exclusive early releases, and 3,000 tokens will be made available to users to kick off the promotion.

Tomasz Chojecki wrote about the partnership with Dfinity:

We have been following Dfinity’s work since 2017. We believe that Internet Computer is the best solution for NFTs. One of its advantages is that all information is stored in the blockchain. There is no need to use IPFS or dedicated web servers to host images. It’s really a decentralized NFT solution.”

The project’s co-founder Przemek Chojecki expressed the following expectations:

We are incredibly excited about the launch of ICPunks. The NFT space is developing at such a rapid pace – it’s fantastic to be a part of it. We have many plans for ICPunks, including an NFT marketplace, and this is just the first step towards that.

What is Internet Computer?

Internet Computer is a crypto token that allows users to develop services, websites and applications. Since the token’s release, nearly 90,000 people have visited the NFT website.

Rising popularity of NFTs

Over the past year, the NFT market has seen spectacular growth after an impressive array of celebrities and famous brands jumped on the bandwagon. One example is Visa, which bought a CryptoPunk NFT worth $150,000 last week.

Visa’s head of crypto Cuy Sheffield said:

We believe NFTs will play an important role in the future of retail, social media, entertainment and business. We want to help our customers and partners be a part of that. That’s why we need to know firsthand what infrastructure a global brand needs to buy, store and use NFTs.

To complete the purchase, Visa worked with Anchorage Digital. Visa says this puts the credit card giant in a better position to help its partners navigate the NFT landscape and the specific process. In the In 2021, NFT transactions on the leading peer-to-peer NFT platform OpenSea exceeded USD 1 billion. This is a more than tenfold increase from the previous year. OpenSea is also now worth more than $1 billion.