Become a Bitcoin Sponsor

As the summer turns dreary on the Bitcoin market front, and crypto currencies in general, few are clearly perceiving the opportunity that this break in the perpetual organic rise that the entire crypto ecosystem has been experiencing for years represents.

It is thus essential to position oneself (or strengthen existing positions) on assets that for some are now far from their Q1 2021 highs… while maintaining exactly the same fundamentals! And while waiting for the blue chips to regain and then surpass these recent highs, it’s also the perfect time to discover and then take advantage of an unparalleled offer on the crypto market.

Indeed, the French leader Feel Mining has just unveiled an exceptional sponsorship program that multiplies the reasons to be passionate about it: multiple bonuses, gamification, percentage on purchases, on brokerage fees, gift cards… It’s a whole new universe that opens up for those who will want to become the sponsors of their neighborhoods! This is a whole new world for those who want to become the sponsors of their neighborhoods, with bonuses that can be converted into Bitcoin and stablecoins, and the possibility for the most deserving to rise in rank and make bonuses rain down.

This sponsored content is brought to you by Feel Mining, a company specializing in bitcoin mining, staking and masternodes.

Become a Bitcoin Sponsor

Masternode, staking, bitcoin mining…it’s urgent to stop waiting

The current market situation is rare. Where the less experienced are shaking with worry that crypto prices will fall further and their portfolio will take even more losses, the veterans are fully aware that the context represents perhaps the last opportunity for anyone to take strategic investment positions at low prices, in anticipation of the coming recovery.

Similarly, on the Bitcoin mining front, after a historic as well as global decline in network hashrate, it has not been this profitable to mine Bitcoins in a long time.

And the same is true for projects based on incentive models like staking or masternodes. Prices fluctuate, but the rewards remain, continually inflating investors’ positions in the industry’s most promising projects without even thinking about it.

Ethereum, AVAX, SOLANA, Polkadot… so many giants of tomorrow on which it is ESSENTIAL to take a position, once one has grasped the colossal growth potential to come for this novel branch of finance.

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Feel Mining, the alpha and omega of passive crypto revenues

While the market is literally bursting at the seams with new offerings, the passive income enthusiast knows thatOn Feel Mining’s website, you will find a selection of the best in the field, selected with care and passion to match the investor’s ideal golden triangle: security – sustainability – profitability.

In terms of masternodes, Feel Mining offers a selection of the most reliable and profitable projects on the market. We can mention the historical reference Dash, or Energi and DIVI and their profitability of over 20%.

Les masternodes Stakenet, Syscoin et DIVI

The same goes for staking, where next to the super-star of the sector Ethereum, you can discover the promising Polkadot, Raydium and Kusama and more than fifteen other projects.

Le staking d'ethereum aux côtés de Kusama, de Polkadot et de raydium

>> Subscribe to staking or masternode and get your first dividends in the next hour <<

Finally, it’s hard not to stop for a moment at the bitcoin miner sales and hosting offer! At the time of writing, it is still possible – quite exceptional in these times when even the smallest machine is hard to find – to acquire an Antminer S19j, then have it installed in one of the international farms where Feel Mining has facilities, such as Canada or Iceland.

Note thatt the moment, an Asic of this type generates the equivalent of 0.27 BTC per year (about 7300 euros).

Le antminer S19J de chez Bitmain

For all these offers, the subscription is done in a few moments, the payment does not take much more time. The staking and masternode services are activated almost immediately, as for the ASIC bitcoin miners, their installation on dedicated mining sites is done in the shortest possible time that the constraints of this industry allow

If we have just quickly swept some of the most spectacular offers of Feel Mining, the occasion is particularly well chosen to underline the dynamism of the French company nestled in the heart of the Alps. Never behind with an offer or an innovation, Feel Mining has for example recently unveiled a recurring investment offer on Bitcoin or Ethereum of unparalleled simplicity and ergonomics.

And today Feel Mining is revealing a program that took several months of work and that could well change part of the face of the industry. A new sponsorship system is very attractive and it is now time to discover it in detail.

>> Become the owner of your personal bitcoin factory! (before it runs out) <<

Take control, become the Godfather, multiply your crypto earnings

We’ll get into the details in a moment, but basically what Feel Mining is offering you is to fairly share a fraction of its profits with the part of its community that will accompany it in its growth (and more broadly, in the vast enterprise of discovering and democratizing the Bitcoin and crypto universe).

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And to make it both financially interesting, but also fun, the company has spared no expense.

What does Feel Mining’s referral program consist of?

Becoming a sponsor of the Feel Mining empire gives you the opportunity to accumulate bonuses, advantages and earnings in bitcoins and stablecoins, by spreading and promoting the range of products and services offered by the platform.

As the sponsor progresses in number of affiliates, he unlocks new levels … and sees the size of his commissions increase! In addition, passing a level will

will bring a unique bonus.

Becoming a sponsor: the initiation rite

Your decision is made, you want to be part of the gang! Don’t let yourself be impressed, everyone is welcome, and the atmosphere is warm. However, you’ll have to go through a few simple steps before you can start roaming your territory as the new gang leader


  1. You will need to have an account on the Feel Mining platform and have passed the KYC (identity verification, essential for regulatory compliance)
  2. Then go to the “sponsorship” area, at the bottom left of your client dashboard
  3. Once you have activated the option, you are ready to perform your first initiation rite: invite your first friend to discover your new super powers as a sponsor! Fill in the e-mail address of the lucky person and validate.

Devenir parrain sur Feel Mining et gagner du Bitcoin et de l'USDT

Please note that you have 10 cartridges in your Chicago Typewriter

sponsor to invite as many of your friends to discover the offer you have in store for them. After 30 days, these invitations are reset and available again.

Your gang’s HQ

Once you’ve

completed these steps, you have access to what will become your crypto gang leader’s den. As always when it comes to Feel Mining’s services, special attention has been paid to detail and you will surely be impressed by the number of options and tools that will allow you to accurately monitor whether your territory occupation strategy is holding up, or if it’s time to change your approach.

<img width=”1741″ height=”776″ src=” 1741w,×144.png?strip=all&lossy=1&quality=66&ssl=1 324w,×97.png?strip=all&lossy=1&quality=66&ssl=1 218w, 384w, 768w, 1152w, 1536w” alt=”” />

In the first part of your dashboard, you will have an overview of your level in the band hierarchy, the number of points obtained, and the accumulated income. The second part will concern more specifically your godchildren with a summary of their activity.

Become a Bitcoin Sponsor

Rise in rank and multiply cryptos!

As soon as the first referral is recruited, and from his first purchase of 100 euros or more, the reward system will start and will make you eligible as a sponsor to receive a part of the generated profits. These will be of two types, depending on whether the order contains digital assets or not

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  • If the order contains digital assets (Staking, Packs, Masternodes, Crypto Purchase), you will earn a % of the brokerage fee of the order.
  • If the order does not contain digital assets (ASIC, Cloud Mining or Accessories), you will earn a % of the order total.

And the more your referrals increase, the more interesting this percentage becomes!

From 1 to 10 active referrals

  • Products with brokerage fees: 10% of the brokerage fees
  • Products without brokerage fees: 2% of the order

From 11 to 20 active referrals

  • Products with brokerage fee: 15% of the brokerage fee
  • Products without brokerage fees: 3% of the order

More than 20 active godchildren

  • Products with brokerage fee: 20% of the brokerage fee
  • Products without brokerage fees: 3% of the order

These 3 levels are materialized by a visual ranking on your personal space.

<img width=”829″ height=”261″ src=” 829w,×102.png?strip=all&lossy=1&quality=66&ssl=1,324w,×69.png?strip=all&lossy=1&quality=66&ssl=1,218w,,384w,,768w” alt=”Feel Mining sponsorship level” />

Moving from level 1 to level 2, then from level 2 to level 3 will also give you a unique bonus (250 and 500 points)


This is the perfect time to talk about the PP (“Sponsor Point”) system between club members.

100 Sponsor Points (PP) are equivalent to 10 euros. Thus, just passing through the 3 levels of the hierarchy will bring you 750 PP, or 75 euros. And these points are convertible into Euros and USDT at any time!

Motivating the troops

Leading a growing crypto-gang is not always easy, and some of your new recruits might lack dynamism. This is something you can easily see, especially with the accuracy of your personal space’s tracking table.

However, in order to give you as many tools as possible to manage your small business, Feel Mining has thought of everything by allowing you to send gifts to your referrals, either to reward them by giving them a share of your own earnings, or to motivate them to finally take a stand.

A referral who gets bonuses and a happy referral

Of course, your potential referrals might not be satisfied with your devastating smile and your unstoppable arguments to subscribe to an offer using your affiliate link


For this reason, each of your referrals will be offered a €10 gift card valid for 30 days on a minimum purchase of €100. A nice incentive to decide to embark resolutely on the crypto adventure and join your gang!

Feel Mining is not satisfied with offering a simple standard affiliate program, seen 1000 times elsewhere. The team has worked hard to not only allow its community to have fun, but to offer them the opportunity to feed a logic of shared and fair growth. Don’t delay, history shows that the most powerful sponsors are often those who first conquered a territory: Run to sign up!