Dallas Mavericks reward fans making purchases with Dogecoin (DOGE)

A gift card for Dogecoin (DOGE)

On its website, the Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise unveils a cashback rewards program to encourage payment in cryptocurrencies.

Specifically, the ” Mavs Cryptomania ” offer allows fans who spend $150 in cryptocurrencies to receive a $25 gift card when making a purchase on the online store.

The promotion is valid only on DallasMavs.Shop and began on August 13 and runs through September 30.

Dogecoin isn’t the only eligible cryptocurrency during this deal, though billionaire owner Marc Cuban remains a strong supporter.

“The point about DOGE that people miss is that DOGE’s imperfections and simplicity are its greatest strengths. You can only use it for two things: spending it or keeping it. Both are easy to understand. And buying it is cheap. Which makes it a community that anyone can join and enjoy,” said Marc Cuban.

So, in addition to the famous meme, the store also accepts bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), ether (ETH), USDC, BUSD, GUSD and USDP.

This encouragement to pay with cryptocurrencies is not trivial for the Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise. Indeed, Marc Cuban had already taken the initiative to accept bitcoin for ticket purchases and for the online store in 2019 by partnering with the company BitPay.

In fact, this service has recently expanded, as the club now offers payment with Dogecoin since March 2021.

Cryptocurrency payments are becoming more democratic

This move to encourage people to pay via cryptocurrencies is interesting to note. Indeed, this comes after a positive summer period on the democratization of these new payment methods.

For example, some countries are currently considering bills to allow cryptocurrency payments. There are currently Cuba, Ukraine, or Uruguay that want to promote this activity.

Finally and more concretely, Switzerland has just allowed more than 85,000 merchants to accept Bitcoin or even Ether, notably thanks to a cooperation with Worldline and Bitcoin Switzerland.

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Dallas Mavericks reward fans making purchases with Dogecoin (DOGE)