Cybercrime up 600%: protect yourself at a low price with NordVPN

In 2021 alone, cyber attacks have increased by 600%. With phishing accounting for over 80% of reported security incidents, that’s $17,700 per minute stolen by hackers.

Cryptocurrency owners are especially targeted by these 2.0 thugs, and it has never been more important to maximize the security associated with one’s digital assets. To that end, the undisputed leader in VPNs is offering a back-to-school promotion today for 2.80e/month

, uncovered.

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The sovereignty that cryptocurrencies

confer is double-edged. It’s now possible to own assets outside of the traditional financial system, but this commits users to opt for additional security systems.

Computer, tablet, smartphone, all are prime targets for hackers who take advantage of access to sensitive data, in order to set traps that can force crypto users to give away their private keys or inadvertently share them.

Conservez votre anonymat et protégez vos cryptos grâce à NordVPNConservez votre anonymat et protégez vos cryptos grâce à NordVPNSelect the server of your choice to anonymize your connection – NordVPN

One of the preferred avenues for hackers is to use the public information provided by your IP address. Some viruses or malware

are indeed intended primarily for devices located in certain specific locations. Hackers even go so far as to personalize their phishing emails according to the geographical locations of their victims.

To cover their tracks, a VPN

hides your real IP address and makes it impossible to detect where you are connected.

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is today the VPN of reference, counting 9 years of experience in the field of Internet access.

es and 14 million users worldwide. With 5,200 servers available in 59 countries, NordVPN offers a completely private, secure and encrypted connection at all times.

The company is at the forefront of technology in its field. It has indeed deployed NordLynx, a new generation of VPN protocol connecting to fast servers, protecting users’ privacy without affecting their connection speed.

Also aware of the importance of educating users on good practices, NordVPN is the main actor of the operation organized as part of the International VPN Month. A National Privacy Test

is available. This quiz of 20 questions in the form of MCQs to be answered in 5 minutes, will greatly improve your knowledge of cybersecurity. Offre 2 ans à moins 72% pour accéder aux services de NordVPNOffre 2 ans à moins 72% pour accéder aux services de NordVPNA 72% promotion to access NordVPN services

Available on 6 devices simultaneously and in French, the product is available on IOS, Android, MacOS and Windows, NordVPN offers the must

in terms of VPN services, while allowing you to save money thanks to its good deals in terms of annual subscriptions (payable in cryptocurrencies).

Indeed, for any 2-year subscription, 3 months free and 72% discount are offered to new customers. The overall amount to invest is therefore 75.25 euros for anonymity and protection of your privacy for 24 months.

Last but not least, even the most skeptical can test NordVPN with peace of mind. Sure of its product, the company offers a “satisfied or reimbursed” guarantee for the first 30 days with a customer service available 24/7 in French.