Crypto Week: October 4 - 10, 2021 Crypto Week: October 4 - 10, 2021

A new week will start in just a few hours, so it’s time to recap the news from the past few days. The Crypto Week series is a weekly collection of useful and interesting articles about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

In the 40th week of the year (October 4 – 10) we wrote about the problems of centralized services, big increases in the Bitcoin exchange rate and the disappearance of Tether’s CEO, among other things. Enjoy your reading!

Investing safely in cryptocurrencies

The most famous crash of the last week did not affect cryptocurrencies, but popular centralized services. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram went down for hours, while Bitcoin stood by and watched

(because it is decentralized and resistant to such problems).

Korean exchange Upbit has announced that it will stop payouts to unverified users, and one can assume that in time all traditional cryptocurrency exchanges will decide to do the same. Interest in this type of exchanges may fall through situations such as the brawl around an allegedly erroneous deposit on FTX with a fee of almost $1,000,000


Those who still only use the most popular stablecoin Tether (USDT) despite the many alternatives (BUSD, USDC, USDP) should wonder why Tether’s elusive CEO has disappeared from Twitter

. As with cryptocurrencies, you should also consider diversifying your portfolio when getting out into stablecoins.

Regardless of whether you use stationary exchange offices or bitomats on a daily basis, be sure to check out the new regulations of the cryptocurrency market in Poland | The changes come into force as early as October 31

(it is primarily about reducing the limit of an occasional transaction from EUR 15,000 to EUR 1,000 and mandatory verification when exceeding this amount).

What next for the BTC exchange rate?

Bitcoin recorded large increases in the passing week, which we wrote about, among others, in the articles: The price of bitcoin is rising | Is $50,000 just a stop on the road to further

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of growth? And bitcoin breaks through $55,000.

According to Edward Snowden, Chinese bans have strengthened Bitcoin. According to the most famous whistleblower of our time, the recognition of BTC in as the official currency of El Salvador may force other countries to start looking at the oldest cryptocurrency as a reserve asset. At the same time, more and more people are beginning to wonder if Brazil will accept bitcoin as legal tender.

The highly popular analyst PlanB on Twitter predicts further increases and believes that by the end of the year the BTC exchange rate will be between $98,000 and $135,000. For more information, read PlanB ‘s article bodes for the continuation of the bull market in bitcoin. What is the target for December this year? One of the world’s largest banks has a bullish stance on cryptocurrencies. Bank of America: you can not ignore the cryptocurrency market (for more information, see the article: everything Bank of America thinks about cryptocurrencies).

As you can see, there was no shortage of good news in recent days, in addition, the market capitalization of bitcoin again above $ 1 trillion | BTC dominance at the highest level in two months. As if that wasn’t enough, institutional investors are choosing bitcoin over gold and see it as an effective hedge against inflation.

The altcoin market in a nutshell

When looking for projects in which to invest money, many people forget that sometimes it is worth focusing on proven cryptocurrencies that should easily survive even the biggest slump. A great example of this is Ethereum, especially as it has recently seen an interesting Deja vu? The fractal that led to a huge rise in the ETH price in 2017 is coming back.

Also significant for many investors is the fact that the number of ETH in the hands of miners is reaching its highest level since 2016. The article <a href=”https://bithub.pl/kryptowaluty/altcoin/ethereum-kontra-bitcoin-coinshares/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Ethereum vs Bitcoin | What do CoinShares survey participants think about this race of giants?

Although the US is not going to ban Bitcoin, Joe Biden is considering issuing a directive to regulate cryptocurrencies. Is there anything to be afraid of? In the article, you will find opinions of well-known in the cryptocurrency community supporters and opponents of such a solution, which allows you to look at the issue differently.

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NFT Corner

If you associate the NFT market with images in JPG format, for which you have to pay several hundred thousand dollars, you should take a look at the article describing the Sync Network | Real use cases for NFT.

You should also be interested in Crypto utopias – the first such collection of NFT art in Poland. Considering how strongly the digital art market is growing, there will certainly be no shortage of similar events in the coming years.

In search of gems

You can still compete for the double airdrop: Enno Wallet and Vires.Finance, which has been confirmed by the creators of a decentralized liquidity protocol and a new wallet in the form of an app. If you’re looking for interesting projects to look into in the near future, check out which digital assets are facing new waves of growth. Helium (HNT) | A dazzling IoT project that could stir things up a lot.

Worth knowing

Residents of El Salvador have another argument to use the official BTC wallet: El Salvador | $0.20 less for every gallon of fuel if you pay with your Chivo wallet. More and more big players are starting to realize that exposure to cryptocurrencies is beneficial for investors. In this case, a study by Iconic Funds and Cryptology Asset Group confirmed this.

Once again, one of the most powerful IT companies in the world is scrolling through our weekly list. This time it is about the introduction of Google Pay for cryptocurrency users | Google new partner Bakkt.

From the latest text in the Crypto Critic series : Not just electricity, or how to discuss blockchain ecology

, you will learn why social and governance aspects are important for a balanced future of the cryptocurrency market. The

most popular article of the 40th week

The most popular (in terms of page views) article of the 40th week turned out to be the text that has already been included in this list, as well as the publications that took the next places. Excluding these articles, the most popular text was: BTC reserves return to the lowest levels not seen since October 2017.

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, which was viewed almost 10,000 times.

What do you think of last week’s articles? Which of our suggestions do you think is the most important for the cryptocurrency market as a whole?

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