Crypto Week: August 23 - 29, 2021
Crypto Week: August 23 - 29, 2021 Crypto Week: August 23 - 29, 2021

The last hours of the weekend are left, so it’s high time for a weekly recap of what happened in the world of cryptocurrencies. As a reminder: if you don’t have time to follow blockchain and cryptocurrency-related news on a daily basis, the Crypto Week series will allow you to catch up quickly.

In the 34th week of the year (August 23 – 29), we wrote, among other things, about the fact that the price of BTC exceeded $50,000 for the first time in several months, works of art created by artificial intelligence, and the problems of the Ethereum network. We invite you to read more!

Network and user security

Just like the previous Crypto Week, we will start by recalling the most important texts related to security. It was a huge surprise to learn that users report theft of funds from the Coinbase exchange, especially since so far it has enjoyed good reviews among users. However, before the weekend a serious bug was discovered in the Ethereum network: it is worthwhile to temporarily refrain from making transactions (nodes using v1.10.7 software are at risk).

What next for the bitcoin price?

Earlier this week, the price of bitcoin surpassed $50,000 for the first time in 100 days, igniting hopes for a new ATH. Record prices are already being reached by non-convertible tokens, so it’s worth reading the NFT valuation paradigm text , i.e. why do non-convertible tokens happen to be so damn expensive? The bullish attitude cannot be denied to the CEO of Blockstream, as described in the article Adam Back: 100,000 for 1 bitcoin later this year is “quite possible”.

NFT Corner

The NFT market does not cease to surprise. On the one hand Budweiser enters the NFT market, on the other Facebook: “We are definitely thinking” about NFT, and meanwhile investory are actively trading, which translates to $900 million from NFT sales for the last 30 days! As if that wasn’t enough, art created by artificial intelligence is in high demand : Colearn Paint.

Worth knowing

If you want to take advantage of all the possibilities of one of the most popular browser wallets, be sure to read The Complete Guide to MetaMask. Also check out the article Internet of Finance | Is Avalanche (AVAX) the biggest breakthrough since Nakamoto? This article will give you a better understanding of why this network has gained so much popularity in a short period of time. Meanwhile, the latest text in our Crypto Critic series : Building the blockchain of the future will give you an insight into what market regulators are likely to focus on in the future.

The most popular article of the 34th week

The most popular (in terms of views) article of the 34th week turned out to be the text It’s getting nervous… $800 million worth of ETH options expire on Friday, which was viewed almost 21,000 times.

If you think a relevant piece of information was missing from the list, feel free to add it in the comments.