Crypto payments in Switzerland |
Crypto payments in Switzerland | Crypto payments in Switzerland |

Wondering what to do with your cryptocurrencies? When you head to Switzerland, you certainly won’t complain about a lack of options.

A partnership between Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse has made BTC and ETH payments available at all merchants using Worldline’s payment services.

Where can you pay with cryptocurrencies?

This brought the selection of places where you can easily pay with Bitcon or Ethereum to over 85,000! The collaboration between Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse is significant because the former is a popular French payment service provider, while Bitcoin Suisse specializes in cryptocurrency transactions.

The big advantage of the new solution is that it doesn’t require specialized knowledge, which could discourage many merchants. Anyone who works with Worldline and wants to start accepting BTC and ETH (and probably other cryptocurrencies in the future) just needs to install the new app called WL Crypto Payments. This is enough for you to start accepting Bitcoins and Ethereum not only at stationary points, but also with e-commerce activities.

Safeguarding against cryptocurrency price volatility

In order to protect businesses from high price volatility (which is still present in the cryptocurrency market despite many years), after a customer pays in BTC or ETH, the cryptocurrencies will be immediately converted into Swiss francs (CHF). Several months of tests were conducted before the implementation of the new service.

The introduction of such a solution is a chance for sellers to increase their profits, especially since many people would like to be able to use their cryptocurrencies during everyday purchases, but they are usually discouraged from doing so by the need to order cryptocurrency payment cards, search for bit machines or wait until the transfer from the exchange is credited to their account.

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An important advantage of such a solution is also that cryptocurrencies are converted to fiat at the time of the transaction. This eliminates the risk that someone will lose by a sudden increase in price. Of course, it may turn out that the price of the cryptocurrency will fall, but in that case, it is enough to use another payment method.

Back in April 2018, we reported that Switzerland wants to be the world capital of the cryptocurrency industry. This kind of action could help it do so, especially if more companies follow the example of AXA(insurance giant AXA Switzerland opens sI’m on Bitcoin payments).