Crypto News: Swiss luxury hotel allows payment with Bitcoin & Co.
Crypto News: Swiss luxury hotel allows payment with Bitcoin & Co.Crypto News: Swiss luxury hotel allows payment with Bitcoin & Co.Bitcoin & Crypto Portfolio TabelleBitcoin & Crypto Portfolio Tabelle

And again good crypto news around the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. It has now been announced that a luxury hotel in the Swiss Alps has allowed payment for rooms and suites with Bitcoin & Co. The road to this point was long, as the debate lasted about four years. But now, finally, the hotel has gotten around to allowing digital currencies.

Paying with Bitcoin at the Swiss luxury hotel Chedi Andermatt.

After a debate of around four years, the five-star hotel in Andermatt, The Chedi, has finally allowed payment with Bitcoin & Co. The news paper Blick printed this in its newspaper on August 26. In doing so, guests can now pay for their rooms and suites with Bitcoin and Ethereum. From an amount of 200 Swiss francs, which is about 185 euros, can now be paid in digital currency.

However, the hotel’s prices are still set in fiat so there is less volatility risk. However, whenever a payment is made in Bitcoin or Ether, the cryptocurrency is immediately exchanged back into fiat. The hotel has 123 rooms and suites. Those who want to stay here should budget at least 1,300 Swiss francs per night – at least in high season. A night at the luxury hotel costs as around 0.03 BTC or 0.45 ETH.

Jean-Yves Blatt, the hotel’s general manager, told the news outlet:

We’ve known for a long time that cryptocurrencies have a future in hotel operations. As cryptocurrency payments become more widespread and accepted, we are proud to be one of the first Swiss luxury hotels to offer cryptocurrencies as a secure payment method to our guests.

Swiss are very crypto-friendly

However, if the hotel is too expensive for you, you also have the option of looking for holiday apartments in the area that also accept payment with Bitcoin. In Switzerland, it is now possible to pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in many regions.

The Swiss are very crypto-friendly and are clearly ahead of the game. Many companies have already started to introduce digital assets. Furthermore, the canton of Zug is also known as Crypto Valley, as many blockchain and crypto companies are located here. Tokens are also experiencing a very high adoption rate in Switzerland. Just this February, <a href=”” target=”_self” rel=”noopener”>train announced that residents will also be able to pay their taxes in cryptocurrency from now on. This is where the rest of the world has some catching up to do. Not all countries are so crypto-friendly. Germany sees cryptocurrencies as a threat and digital currencies are arguably new territory, as is the internet.

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