Crypto dreamland Ukraine? Legalization of cryptocurrencies decided

Will September 7 go down in Bitcoin history as a historic date? At least that’s how Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson sees it.

Charles Hoskinson congratulates Bitcoin. After the cryptocurrency was made official currency in El Salvador on September 7, the Cardano founder believes other nation-states will soon follow suit.

In the coming years, many more nation-states will use cryptocurrencies as part of their monetary policy (either as reserves in their central banks or using cryptocurrency rails for central bank settlements),

Hoskinson said in a Youtube livestream on September 7. The Ethereum co-initiator and crypto pioneer took the developments in Central America as an opportunity to reflect on the state of Bitcoin and co. In doing so, he made a bullish prediction.

Hoskinson believes in bitcoin adoption

The Cardano founder said that Bitcoin and the entire crypto space have come a long way. According to him, we are heading towards a point where every state needs a crypto strategy. The trend toward adoption will also continue unabated for Hoskinson, because:

‘The majority of people under 25 are positive about cryptocurrencies and many of them own them. This is the future.

Hoskinson repeatedly stressed that the various players in the crypto space should pay more attention to their commonalities. These would far outweigh any differences of opinion. He said that the common drive to create an alternative to the centralized monetary system had finally prevailed:

We, the industry, have won. Now it’s just a matter of working out in detail what that actually means.

Meanwhile, Hoskinson’s own project is also about to see some important changes. Cardano is planning to introduce smart contracts on September 12.