Companies hold 1.6 million BTC

According toBitcoin Treasuries, companies with Bitcoins on their balance sheets

currently hold 1,660,473 BTC. This amount of coins represents almost 8% of the total supply. Sponsored

In the lead is MicroStrategy, which holds 108,991 Bitcoins, or about half a percent of the total supply. Shares of the cryptocurrency account for as much as 75 percent of this company’s total market capitalization.

In second place is Tesla. The electric car maker still holds 43,200 bitcoin, which it acquired in early 2021. Following the electric car maker are Square, Marathon Digital Holdings and Coinbase. Jack Dorsey’s company holds just over eight thousand BTC. The mining company has placed 5425 coins in its balance sheet. In turn, Coinbase

, the largest U.S. exchange, closes the top five with 4487 bitcoins in its portfolio. Sponsored Sponsored Companies hold 1.6 million BTCCompanies hold 1.6 million BTCCompanies with the most Bitcoin (BTC) | Source: BitcoinTreasuries

Michael Saylor

s MicroStartegy

MicroStrategy is the publicly traded company with the largest bitcoin allocation. Both in absolute terms and relative to its market capitalization. The software intelligence company, which yesterday purchased an additional 3907 bitcoin for $177 million in cash, leads the corporate world. All thanks to the simplest yet most effective pair of strategies – DCA and HODL


The company currently holds 108,991 BTC, which cost nearly $3 billion at the time of purchase. However, they are now worth quite a bit more. These coins are worth over $5 billion and account for 75% of its total market capitalization. The marketcap of Michael Saylor’s company oscillates around $7.12 billion. MicroStrategy’s shares in BTC have risen by

nearly 180% in dollar terms and account for about 0.52% of the total BTC supply (21 million coins).

Companies and institutions control nearly 8% of the total BTC supply

According to Bitcoin Treasuries, listed companies, private companies, governments, and ETF-like products collectively hold 1660473 Bitcoins. This amount of cryptocurrency represents about 7.91% of the total supply. However, this percentage does not include lost BTC, making the percentage of coins actually usable likely much higher.

Given that most companies that have added bitcoin to their balance sheet did so in 2020 or 2021, the corporate accumulation race has only just begun. As more companies realize what Bitcoin really is and its unique capabilities, this race should heat up even more. This, in turn, could cause further supply shortages.


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