How to integrate blockchain features in a few clicks? Starton, the French startup with huge ambitions

On the cusp of an ultra-connected world, blockchain technology is on its way to becoming part of our daily lives. This discipline requires strong technical and IT skills, slowing down its widespread adoption. The French company Starton promises developers and companies to be able to deploy blockchain mechanisms within their applications

and websites quickly and easily.

This promotional article is brought to you in collaboration with Starton.

A limitless field of applications

While blockchain technology is profoundly transforming the digital world, many players are trying to jump on the bandwagon. The Starton team realized this early on, right out of their engineering school, the renowned École 42. With the necessary technical expertise and incubated at Station F, they know that in order to become popular, blockchain technology must be simplified and made accessible to all and for all

. Les domaines qui peuvent trouver un bébéfice à utiliser la technologie blockchain sont trés nombreux.Areas of application of Starton technology There

are indeed many use cases, and the benefits can be immense for a very large number of sectors: traceability, supply chain, payments, data storage, games, insurance, cyber security, the list is endless. These are all areas that are on the verge of profound transformation

, and which Starton wishes to seize upon.

The offer is presented as a platform composed of a graphical interface and an API. This product, “Starton Connect”, allows to interact with the most famous blockchains.

Very quickly, the mission of the French company will tend towards the development ofa real toolbox for developers and companies

. A rich and intuitive interface that allows everyone to deploy their activity on the blockchain very simply.

Turn any web app into a “blockchain app”

In concrete terms, the platform is presented as a dashboard that allows you to create and then manage a smart-contract deployed on the blockchain of your choice, Starton

being usable for the moment with <a href=”

sions/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Ethereum

, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Avalanche and Poylgon (Ex Matic). Le tableau de bord du site Starton est conçu pour vous permettre de deployer votre application sur la blockchain de votre choixOverview of the Starton home screen

In order to allow you to customize the functionality as much as possible, there are many possibilities. Thanks to Starton

, you will be able to :

  • Choose a relevant basis for your project from a large number of standard smart contracts, all audited
  • Issue tokens instantly
  • Interact with smart-contracts via the graphical interface for more customization
  • Build a notification system to track events on a given blockchain and address
  • Link your application to all sorts of third-party services (WordPress, Shopify, etc …)

L'intégrateur de blockchain starton en image Summary diagram of Starton operation

To make the protocol work and evolve, Starton relies on its community


A utility token

will be inserted in the center of a reward system for application creators who, as we have seen, can integrate a wide variety of plugins, and deploy smart-contracts … They will be paid according to the number of users who will use their creation to interact with the various blockchains.

Remember, in the early days of the web, website creation was reserved for coders and industry professionals. Just as Stripe and Twilio have respectively enabled the integration of payment and communication features in a simple and intuitive way, so too has the web.

ve, Starton aims to apply this recipe to blockchain technology and drive a wave of adoption, this time real.