Collectible tokens are the new target of

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  • claims it wants to make it easier to buy NFT.

  • Currently, there is a waiting list for those interested in joining the marketplace.

Bitcoin (BTC) financial firm also wants to get a slice of the juicy non-fungible token (NFT) market.

To achieve that goal, the UK-based company launched the beta version of its own marketplace for digital collectibles.

“Over the past ten years, we’ve helped tens of millions of people access cryptocurrencies by providing an easy way to buy, sell, trade, store and earn cryptocurrencies. Now we want to make it easier for people to access the exciting new NFT market,” reported

on their blog.

One of the reasons they argue for opening a marketplace for NFT

, is that there are many of the same challenges to the adoption of collectibles that cryptocurrencies faced in their early days.

“Accessing the NFT marketplace is too complex and unintuitive,” the company said.

At the moment, those interested in participating in the marketplace can sign up for a waiting list

to gain access.

The marketplace features collectibles from the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club,

virtual land in Decentraland and more. Collectible tokens are the new target of Collectible tokens are the new target of users will be able to access NFTs directly from their wallet. Source:’s marketplace is driven by a partnership with Ethereum

s network-based platform, Opensea, which aims to be valued at $10 billion


The company doesn’t want to be left out of the burgeoning NFT business, something Binance and Coinbase haven’t failed to do either.

Binance launched its own marketplace for NFT, last June, a fact reported

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by CryptoNews.

While Coinbase, too, announced its platform for commercial

The company is currently in beta and expects to have it available to the public in the next few weeks or early 2022.’s momentum

This has been a week of announcements that speak to the expansion is experiencing.

A few days ago, the company also announced that it will arrive in the Latin American market, with the purchase of the Argentinean cryptocurrency investment platform, SeSocio.

The investment guarantees its presence in countries such as Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Spain. In addition, it promised to open more offices and hire local staff.