Coinbase customer service totally overwhelmed
Coinbase customer service totally overwhelmedCoinbase customer service totally overwhelmedCoinbase: Die große Kryptobörse Coinbase erweitert seine Coinbasecard. Neue Länder und Kryptowährungen sind nun verfügbar.Coinbase: Die große Kryptobörse Coinbase erweitert seine Coinbasecard. Neue Länder und Kryptowährungen sind nun verfügbar.

In a study conducted, several users reported that their digital assets had disappeared. However, customer service did not really do anything to help. The exchange is mainly based on the emails that customers exchanged with the Coinbase service. Even a former employee stated that the service was completely overwhelmed with the accumulation of emails.

Criticism of Coinbase grows louder

In a recent study conducted by CNBC, one could see some issues with the customer service and also that the service does not really care about the customers’ concerns. The study was conducted by CNBC in the US and in this, numerous Coinbase users share that the customer service is particularly bad. After the users found that their accounts were empty, Coinbase hardly helped.

In the process, CNBC has published the interview results and this one reveals massive problems with the handling of the complaints. However, Coinbase users from the US also had every reason to complain about the service when looking at the results.

In the survey, CNBC had polled thousands of customers of the highly popular crypto exchange. In the process, the majority said that they had problems with the Coinbase service. Especially when the accounts had suffered hacks, Coinbase’s handling of customers was impossible.

For one thing, Coinbase’s customer service was handled almost exclusively through email. For another, it was nearly impossible to reach anyone with problems. In addition, an ex-employee of the company stated that the service team, had more and more difficulties because the demand was particularly high. The service team was simply overwhelmed.

Digital assets disappear inexplicably

During the survey, some users also stated that their assets had suddenly disappeared. One user stated that she received several notifications that someone wanted to change her account credentials. By the time she was able to respond, her assets of $168,000 had almost completely disappeared. After four months, the user was unable to reach someone from the Coinbase service by phone and somehow resolve the theft. How the userin also stated that she had chosen Coinbase because the exchange looked reputable and she also trusted many other users who recommended Coinbase to her.

Another user stated that they logged in via two-factor authentication in March and saw over $30,000 in assets transferred in just 5 minutes. Coinbase did respond to the issue, but stated that his computer was hacked and this is where the problem lay. As compensation, the user received $200 from Coinbase.

According to this information, CNBC reviewed thousands of complaints and found that these users were all about the same problems. At the same time, CNBC was also able to determine that customer service was unable to reverse the transactions.

It can also be seen in the study that since the year 2015, Coinbase has received over 11,000 complaints to the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The vast majority of the complaints were due to poor customer service. Further, some Coinbase users reported that the responses from the service team were poor and failed to resolve the issue.

Coinbase may be a good platform for digital assets – but only when there are no problems. Those who do have issues are likely to quickly find that there is no help from this service and the user is left out in the cold.

Coinbase customer service totally overwhelmedCoinbase customer service totally overwhelmedChoose the best and safest exchange for you

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