Five new crypto indices from S&P Dow Jones: all the details!

Great news for the world of cryptocurrencies that comes from America, or rather, from Standard & Poors Dow Jones, which announced just under an hour ago that it has launched 5 new cryptocurrency-themed indices.


sign, if there was still a need, that the world of classical finance and cryptocurrencies are now completely interconnected – and that despite the moment of relative crisis for the Bitcoin sector, there is still a long way to go in the future (and together).

5 new interesting indices on crypto: they include up to 240 tokens!

An important news, we said, in particular for the cryptocurrencies that are included in these indices and that will contribute to form very important benchmarks

, which could be used in the future also by structured products like ETFs.

Of course, little change for European investors, who through the eToro platform (here for a free, unlimited and full-featured demo account) can already invest in many of the cryptocurrencies included in the indices. Or choose, as a structured product, the CopyPortfolios that replicate the performance of different crypto baskets. Or alternatively operate with CopyTrading

, which offers the possibility of copying or sifting through the portfolios of top traders. Five

new indices, in addition to the previous three

There are 5 indices that are introduced today by S&P Dow Jones, among the most important financial centers of the world and the heart of the American stock exchanges. It starts with a Broad Digital Market Index (BDM), which will offer a replica of the 240 coins and tokens with the largest market capitalization at the time of the launch of the index.

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The second will be the Cryptocurrency BDM Ex-Megacap Index, which will exclude the cryptocurrencies that are already part of the MegaCap Index, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum


The third index will be Cryptocurrency Ex-Largecap, which excludes, easy to understand at this point, all cryptocurrencies that are part of Largecap, with the fourth and fifth instead excluding those from MegaCap and Largecap and in addition with a small subset

that includes only the cryptos with the highest capitalization.

They are indices that will be periodically updated and that will also include coins and tokens that we hardly see mentioned in the stock exchange. Tokens such as Shiba Inu, but also more marginal ones, such as the ones we have included in our guide to <a href=”

iptocurrency-emerging” target=”_self” rel=”noopener”>emerging cryptocurrencies.

There will also be plenty of those we’ve included in our portfolio of cryptocurrencies to buy, with many low-capitalization goodies that could make the fortune of even small-cap investors in the market today.

An important number of cryptocurrencies, with an almost exact replica of what we find at (here for the free unlimited demo account), which we remember includes 235+ crypto pairs – on which to bet with artificial intelligence, or with MetaTrader 4 and TradingView. To be clear, those who want to follow the broadest of the proposed indices can rely on this broker and find an almost exact coincidence of the included assets.

Big finance prepares for the arrival of DeFI

The next years in the world of cryptocurrencies will be able to speak the language of Decentralized Finance, a sector that until some time ago everyone or almost everyone ignored (not us, as our in-depth analysis testifies) and that will be more and more relevant also for the business bank sector.

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And for this reason S&P has moved in advance to offer a replication index that also helps all investors to keep track of the performance of the entire sector. All this while the markets continue to be dominated by fear, with many investors still fearful of a bubble bursting and a return to much lower price levels.

This would seem to be averted, if not by the enormous interest of investors, then by that of finance that counts, which has finally become aware of a world that could change, in time, the entire world economic and financial scenario.