This new corner continues to climb!

The first half of 2021 has been a roller coaster ride for crypto investors. Bitcoin’s meteoric rise to around $64,000 and then crash to half that price is just one example. However, there is a new corner that is steadily increasing in value month after month. Its growth doesn’t even seem to be affected by the recent volatility in the crypto market.

RBIS is the native token ofArbiSmart, a European licensed platform that practices automated crypto arbitrage. The RBIS token is incredibly successful, and analysts predict that by 2023, it will have risen to forty times its current price.

So while other cryptos are in free fall, how is RBIS managing to maintain a consistent upward trajectory? There are a number of factors behind the token’s price rise, but a large part of its success lies in the project’s consistent development.

A busy development schedule

ArbiSmart’s developers have begun implementing a series of significant upgrades to its infrastructure. In the third and fourth quarters of 2021, a series of significant system improvements will be launched. There will also be several new EU-regulated services for the RBIS token, including a paid wallet for fiat and crypto. Activity is expected to continue until early 2022, when a crypto credit card, mobile app and yield farming program will be launched.

This new corner continues to climb!

Reliability and profitability

We all know that there is a lot of money to be made in the crypto business, but these opportunities usually come with a substantial amount of risk. However, another major reason that boosts the demand for the RBIS token is that the ArbiSmart platform offers unmatched profits with minimal risk. Let’s take a look at how this works.

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As a user of the platform, all you have to do is sign up, deposit funds in EUR, GBP, ETH, BTC or USDT, and that’s it! From there, the platform takes over, while you go about your day. The system automatically converts your funds into RBIS to use for crypto arbitrage. In this way, it generates passive profits ranging from 10.8% to 45% per year depending on the amount of your investment. To know the exact monthly and annual rate of return for a specific deposit amount in advance, you can check the ArbiSmart account chart.

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Crypto arbitrage exploits the times when a cryptocurrency is available at different prices at the same time on different exchanges. There are several reasons for these price differences. In particular, they are due to the disparity in trading volume between the larger and smaller exchanges. These price differences are naturally resolved quickly.

ArbiSmart interacts with about 40 exchanges and scans them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, scanning hundreds of corners for price differences. The trading system automatically buys the coin on the exchange that lists it at the lowest price and sells it in a blink of an eye on the exchange that lists it at the highest in order to make a profit.

This new corner continues to climb!

In addition to the income from crypto-arbitrage, which can be as high as 45%, you also earn compound interest. If you choose to lock in funds for a certain period of time, you can collect even more passive income. The highest account levels generate up to 1% interest per day. Of course, you also earn profits from the rising price of RBIS, which has already quadrupled since its launch two years ago.

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The RBIS token is not affected by the market volatility of the last few months. This is because the crypto currency is a safe haven for investors. In bear or bull market, there are always price differences between exchanges, which helps to create steady profits even in a bearish environment. Unsurprisingly, ArbiSmart is experiencing exceptional growth as the platform provides an ideal solution for investors looking for both a safe haven to protect their electronic assets and a way to grow their crypto capital.

A fast growing community

In 2020, ArbiSmart grew by 150% and since then, the number of customers has continued to increase. The rising popularity of the platform combined with the fact that the supply of RBIS is limited to 450 million means that the price of RBIS can only increase in the future.

Another important parameter to be aware of is that RBIS will be listed in the fourth quarter of 2021, which should boost its price. When it becomes available on the exchanges, you will have to buy it first before you can use ArbiSmart’s services. The owners of RBIS will have no interest in selling it since they get regular revenue from crypto arbitrage and its price growth.

This new corner continues to climb!

In the coming months, the RBIS token will see its price explode due to its listing and new services. Now is the time tobuy RBIS as long as it is affordable. Buy RBIS here.