Cardano: the Developer Portal is finally online!

The market moment is not one of the most exciting, but the world of cryptocurrencies does not stop. On the contrary, it takes advantage of the summer break

to continue sowing, in order to harvest during the next bull run. This is the case of Cardano, which just yesterday launched its new Developer Portal, a web portal that will serve as an entry point for anyone who wants to use the potential offered by Cardano ADA for their projects.

Something not only expected, but due, especially if Cardano should continue to try to establish itself as a serious alternative to what is proposed by Ethereum. With the occasion of the launch that also served for the minting

of the first NFTA of the foundation. Here comes the developer portal – to help everyone in the … transition

This is great news for the whole network and also for the value in perspective of ADA, Yellow Rocket Agency that we find on the platform eToro (also in automatic staking to earn up to 6%)

– broker that offers the possibility to operate in both directions, or to be helped by other traders with CopyTrading – to copy them or to spy on their portfolios. And for those who want to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies in one, there are CopyPortfolios.

Cardano is moving full force: here’s what’s in the Developer Portal

Despite some grumbling in recent days towards the project leader, the community around Cardano

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has managed to compact itself and support the release of this new and important piece of the ecosystem to the fullest.

While it is true that this is not a technical improvement – or something that at least on paper could make ADA better than Ethereum

– it is, at least in our opinion, a fundamental step for a project that wants to become a reference within the programmable blockchain sector. Something that will necessarily have to pass also through this type of initiatives.

What’s in the developer portal?

The portal is already online

and already contains several sections, from the one to begin to understand the functioning of Cardano, to the one for the integration, as well as projects for the presentation of tokens that natively run on this blockchain.

We can also find a section through which to seek funding for our project with Project Catalyst. All documentation on the site is organized in the form of Wiki, with the community that can give a hand to enrich the already important volume of information.

Issued also the first NFTA

This is a curious and nice initiative, but it also shows unequivocally how cohesive and solid the community that gravitates around Cardano ADA really is. They are called Non Fungible Tokens of Appreciation, they are NFT and represent the users of Cardano communities who have approved the portal.

They are visuals that will also be used for the campaign that will try to make the Developer Portal more known – and maybe to take away some developers from other projects.

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In the meantime, the price isn’t taking off.

Cardano is hovering around $1.30 at least during the opening session of the markets in Europe, suffering from the not-so-great moment of neither Bitcoin nor Ethereum. The market would appear to still be in an accumulation phase – a phase in which we will most likely continue to remain for the next few days.

However, our Cardano forecast is confirmed – with ADA being able to run again as soon as the right conditions are in place in the market. And with such a rarefied market, big price moves may indeed be just around the corner.