Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson calls on crypto community to protest in Washington for cryptocurrencies
Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson calls on crypto community to protest in Washington for cryptocurrencies By Editor DailyBitcoin Editor

Hoskinson urges supporters not to give up after the US Senate may deal a heavy blow to cryptocurrencies with the bill.



creator wants to organize a rally in Washington to support cryptocurrencies.

Following the developments of the criticized US Senate Infrastructure bill that failed the cryptocurrency industry, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson is now ready to take the criticism to the streets


I think it’s about time we organized a rally in Washington DC. I’m going to make some phone calls. More on this later

This is how he expresses himself on his YouTube channel


Hoskinson criticized lawmakers as “living fossils.”

These senators, these 87 year old living fossils, showed the whole world that they were willing to sell out the future of our country’s economy if they didn’t get their pork.

He also says he has no intention of living in a “dying empire,” but he’s also unwilling to move to another country.

All to Washington

Echoing Hoskinson’s words, the Trustnodes

media outlet writes an article that begins, ”

Bitcoinians, ethereans, cardanobros, ripples, stonkies, maybe 4chan, redditors, as well as tweeters, IRC geeks and Democrats, Republicans and independents, jpeg flippers and supercoders, the young middle class in short and the upper middle class may well flood Washington in what could be this generation’s first attempt to tackle politics head-on.”

“We could have a crypto president sooner than you think,” says Ryan Selkis, a former Silicon Valley VC, Trustnodes


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Also Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter and Square, said, Bitcoin

will unite a deeply divided country (and eventually: the world).”

Yesterday he co

e were saying that things are tough in the U.S. Congress regarding the Infrastructure Bill and the consequences for the crypto ecosystem. The U.S. Senate decided to move forward with the bill without amending the controversial provision that would impose greater oversight on the crypto space; but senators are working together to get an amendment passed.

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