Cardano announces major new partnerships after successful Alonzo upgrade!

So who are these announced partners and how can everyone benefit?

Speculation about Cardano partnerships is growing. The good news is that Cardano Summit is coming soon. That means we won’t have to wait long for details about who these partners are and what role they play within the ecosystem.

The conference will take place next weekend, September 25 and 26, as a mix of live and virtual events.

Registration is now open at

As far as partnership information goes, the lack of an itinerary and speaker list add to the mystery.

Does this put Cardano on par with Ethereum?

With the introduction of smart contracts, Cardano can do everything Ethereum can do. Only the first mover effect still benefits Ethereum.

According to, 60 dApps are already available at the moment, including Space Budz NFTs, the Nami wallet, games, and a liquidity protocol called Liqwid Finance.

A look at the available categories shows a plethora of options including crowdfunding, insurance, governance, identity and social to name a few.

However, IOG’s marketing director, Tim Harrison, felt it necessary to temper expectations. In a blog post, Harrison wrote that it will take some time for the ecosystem to complete itself. It may also take longer for user traction to take hold.

Cardano watchers may be expecting a sophisticated ecosystem of consumer-friendly DApps available immediately after the upgrade. Expectations need to be managed here.

He added that with Ethereum, it took two years after launch for the first successful dApp, CryptoKitties, to hit the market.

So despite Vollmer’s enthusiasm, there is still a long way to go.

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