Can Cardano Roadmap developments boost ADA price to $4?

Can the Cardano Roadmap spur the course?

With the new updates and current developments around the Cardano Roadmap, it will soon be possible to link the Ethereum blockchain with ADA’s. This makes long-term growth of the Cardano blockchain very likely as compatibility with a similar audience increases.

As a result, deVere Group CEO Nigel Green predicts that ADA’s price could reach $4 by the end of the year. Previously, Green made a prediction of $3 by September 2021 – though he was correct then.

Green stated:

Cardano could soon reach new highs and $4 by the end of the year.

Whether the ADA price will actually rise to that level, no one knows. Regardless, looking at the Cardano roadmap, there are some interesting developments in store that should see the market grow strongly.

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