Burger chain displays huge billboard naming Bitcoin, Pornhub, TikTok and OnlyFans among Madrid's 6 addictions
Burger chain displays huge billboard naming Bitcoin, Pornhub, TikTok and OnlyFans among Madrid's 6 addictions By Editor DiarioBitcoin

The Fitzgerald ‘s clever advertising names what are considered the “Madrid addictions”. Among them are named the burger joint itself, popular apps and politicians…and Bitcoin


Witty advertising, no doubt, is appealing


And if, in addition, advertising involves including topics that are fashionable or “vox populi” among the population, even more so. Well, that’s what happened today with the launch of the burger chain The Fitzgerald

that announced the opening of a new location in Madrid, with a giant sign in a central area of the capital of Spain.

Here he shows it on Instagram:

Immediately, social networks exploded, thousands of people shared the images, with comments for and against, but, well, that’s what advertising is all about: that they talk


The interesting thing is that TheFitzgerald decided to advertise the 6 “addictions” in Madrid and names Bitcoin

as the second of them. Is it so popular there, then?

First on the poster they put OnlyFans, the popular website where content creators offer images and videos to their audiences in exchange for a subscription; the second addiction named is Bitcoin; the third, the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso; the fourth, the hamburger itself (as part of its promotion); the fifth, the social network Tik-Tok, very successful among teenagers and twenty-somethings, especially; and the sixth the most visited porn website: PornHub


This, as reported by the Spanish media, is part of their new advertising campaign, which, under the slogan Welcome to the Movement, included the huge poster with this list in a building in the center of the capital to publicize their landing in the Villa y Corte. They already have a restaurant there and will open three more in three weeks, with a forecast to reach ten openings throughout the country in 2021, says the media El Español


The madness on Twitter

Here we can see pictures and some reactions on social networks

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Although Bitcoin is in advertising, neither on the web nor in networks indicates that it is a means of payment, so it looks like it is just a promotional strategy using buzzwords.

Several times Bitcoin it has been as advertising in public spaces. Last year, for example, Binance advertised on London buses.

Sources: Twitter, El Español, Europe Press

Report by DiarioBitcoin

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