Bundestag election 2021: A crypto check of the parties' programmes

On the occasion of the upcoming Bundestag elections, Yellow Rocket Agency contacted the major parties and studied the party platforms. What are the parties’ attitudes towards Bitcoin, Blockchain and Co.

In September, the era of Angela Merkel comes to an end. For 16 years, the chancellor steered the fate of the Federal Republic. Her departure creates a power vacuum, but also the chance for a fresh start. But what might this new start look like – and what does it mean for the crypto space? In order to get answers to this question, Yellow Rocket Agency has followed up with the CDU, SPD, Greens, FDP, Left and AFD and scanned the election programs of the six Bundestag parties for the most relevant crypto keywords and summarized the most important findings in a nutshell.

The parties at a glance

On the topic of money laundering, for example, the CDU/CSU calls for the burden of proof to be reversed “in the case of assets of unclear origin” (p. 112 line 3942 f.). On the same page, the party programme then also says: “Acquiring real estate by paying cash should only be possible by means of banks, which must first verify the identity of the buyer and the origin of the money within the framework of an existing business relationship; the same applies when exchanging cash for cryptocurrency and vice versa. ” (p.112 line 3944 et seq.)

It can be concluded that the Union would probably introduce even stricter KYC regulations, if it had the possibility to do so.

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In contrast, the SPD party programme does not mention the terms “bitcoin”, “cryptocurrencies”, “blockchain”, “CBDC”, “e-euro”, “digital euro” and “central bank money” with a single syllable. However, on page 24 it says: “We reject the privatisation of currencies. This also applies to private digital currencies that are kept artificially stable in value (stablecoins).”

Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen find more direct words, writing for example: “We strictly reject an erosion of the money and currency monopoly through private currencies of powerful large corporations” (page 87) – probably a side blow against Facebook’s Diem. In general, however, the party program of the party led by Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck reads – perhaps surprisingly for many voters – quite open to the crypto space. For example, it says: “We want to do justice to the rapid developments in the field of decentralized financial applications and explore the opportunities and risks of cryptocurrencies and blockchains in a differentiated way.”

FDP, Left and AFD

You want to know what FDP, Linke and AFD think about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Co. and get a deeper insight into the party programs of CDU, SPD and Greens regarding the crypto space? Then the current issue of our monthly magazine Kryptokompass is recommended. In this issue, we have taken a detailed look at the topic on the occasion of the upcoming Bundestag elections. It’s worth reading!