Budweiser enters NFT market
Budweiser enters NFT market Budweiser enters NFT market

Popular beer brand Budweiser has made its first investments on the NFT market. The company not only bought the domain beer.eth for 30 ETH (about $94,603), but also invested in a non-exchangeable token depicting a rocket.

The NFT, which the company set as a profile graphic on its Twitter profile(@budweiserusa), cost 8 ETH (about $25,227).

Well-known brands are increasingly investing in NFT

Thanks to these purchases, the Budweiser brand account is now getting a lot of attention from the cryptocurrency follower community. Among other things, the purchase was mentioned by a profile associated with the app-wallet Trust: even @budweiserusa joined the hype on NFT! Budweiser buys beer.eth domain and spent $25,000 on NFT (profile picture).

Even @budweiserusa has joined the #NFT hype!
1) Bud buys Beer.Eth domain
2) Bud buys $25,000 NFT (their profile pic)
3) Bud gives me free beer…?

Budweiser’s purchase of NFT doesn’t look like a hasty decision designed to tap into the relentless interest in the market for non-convertible tokens. As early as last month, a representative of Anheuser-Busch InBev (the brand’s owner) announced plans to make an investment in the NFT market.

Budweiser, Visa… who will be next?

Two days ago we described Visa’s unusual purchase: NFT CryptoPunk. At the time, the payment services provider bought NFT’s CryptoPunk 7610 series, which cost around $150,000.

The addition of big players to the NFT purchases shows that the compilation including the Most Expensive NFTs in History – Ranking, which we published in May, will soon need to be updated.

Created by the Fidenza #313 algorithm for 1000 ETH

Certainly, NFTs from the Fidenza series, which were created by a special algorithm, will also contribute to this. Fidenza #313 was sold for 1,000 ETH, which at the current exchange rate is $3,153,440. The non-exchangeable tokens from this series are already out of reach for many investors, but they can still try their luck and invest in NFTs created by another special algorithm that was made available by fetch.ai. See yesterday’s article Art created by artificial intelligence for details : Colearn Paint.