Bitcoin with humor: 5 YouTube videos to laugh at cryptocurrencies and their users

Key facts:
  • Have you been called a “bigot” for talking too much about bitcoin? Two of these videos are about you.

  • In addition to entertaining, some of these videos try to make the viewer think.

Bitcoin (BTC) is more than money, numbers, hashes and algorithms. Around this cryptocurrency develops a human collective with some characteristics and traits in common. Some humorists have been able to detect these peculiarities of bitcoiners and exploit them to create some funny content that are posted on YouTube.

“A joke is a very serious thing,” said British politician Winston Churchill. With this thought in mind, let’s give play to the bitcoiner’s sense of humor and enjoy what these creatives have prepared for the delight of their audience.

It is worth clarifying that the order of the five videos selected here is random and in no way constitutes a ranking.

1. Bitcoin fan

Have you ever been treated as a fanatic for not stopping talking about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Maybe you don’t realize it, but little by little you were transformed into something similar to the character played by Lucas Rodriguez, from the Argentine comedy duo Rodriguez – Galati, in his sketch Hincha del bitcoin“.

“You’re a moron, did you know that the dollar is devaluing day by day? Listen to me and buy bitcoins, we are a bitcoin fan band”, says Lucas, a bitcoin fan with more emotion than knowledge, to his friend Roberto.

With a jargon typical of football team fans in Argentina, Lucas seeks to convince Roberto that he should buy BTC and not save in dollars and much less in other cryptocurrencies. “We beat Ethereum on the road, we beat doge on the road… We’re really pissed off at bitcoin, asshole,” is Lucas’ argument.

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For his part, Roberto can’t understand how someone becomes a fan of a currency. “It’s like me being a fan of the Uruguayan peso,” he says. This doesn’t dampen Lucas’ passion, who responds with a series of improvised football-inspired bitcoiner songs.

2. From bitcoin to death

Finally, Lucas convinces Roberto to buy bitcoin. But there’s a problem: Roberto doesn’t want to be a hodler. This is what the second video of this selection is about, “Del bitcoin hasta la muerte”, also by the duo Rodríguez – Galati.

“You can’t be so shitty, brother!”, says bitcoiner Lucas to his friend Roberto when the latter tells him that he wants to sell his BTC after a rise in the price of the crypto-asset. “You’ve got to go for broke, dad, you’ve got to go for broke, head!”, argues the former.

Just in case his hodler harangue wasn’t enough.

As he starts, Lucas threatens Roberto: “If you sell it, you’re no longer a bitcoin fan!” and adds that he is “a

bitcoin fan”.

The dialogue continues with various clichés and clichés typical of the bitcoiner sphere, which Lucas repeats over and over again. All this happens before the absolute incomprehension on the part of Roberto, whose interest is to be able to take profits in fiat money to pay the light and the school fees of his daughter.

Bitcoin with humor: 5 YouTube videos to laugh at cryptocurrencies and their users Bitcoin with humor: 5 YouTube videos to laugh at cryptocurrencies and their users “How are you not a bitcoin fan!” says Lucas to his friend Roberto who wants to sell his BTC. Source: Rodriguez Galati / 3.

bitcoin restaurant

One of the main criticisms of the use of bitcoin as money and unit of account is its high volatility. This feature taken to the extreme is the protagonist of “Bitcoin Restaurant”,

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a 2-minute video published by the YouTube channel Backdoor featuring Mexican actors Alfonso Borbolla and Daniel Garcia.

Daniel is a diner who talks to the waiter, Alfonso, about the restaurant’s menu. This gastronomic space has the peculiarity of only accepting bitcoin as a means of payment.

Perhaps Elon Musk was tweeting something just then, or perhaps the SEC was issuing anti-bitcoin statements. We don’t quite know why, but what we do know is that the price of BTC was so volatile that prices (expressed in that currency) varied wildly from one second to the next.

Daniel’s face shows his surprise as the waiter, undeterred, tells him the variation of the prices of the meals. The solution to the problem of volatility comes in the form of an unexpected decision by the restaurant towards the end of the video.

Bitcoin with humor: 5 YouTube videos to laugh at cryptocurrencies and their users <img width=”1024″ height=”534″ src=”×534.jpg 1024w,×156.jpg 300w,×401.jpg 768w,×292.jpg 560w,×391.jpg 750w,×595.jpg 1140w, 1271w” alt=” /> The volatility of bitcoin’s price makes choosing dinner a difficult task for Daniel, under the waiter’s unchanging gaze. Source: Backdoor / 4.

So-and-so buys bitcoin

The cartoon video “So-and-so buys bitcoin” is one to laugh at, but also to ponder. Market manipulation, FOMO and FUD

, are portrayed throughout 3 minutes in which we see how Fulanito’s investment multiplies, along with the price of BTC, to then return to its initial point, leaving him with no economic gain.

“At least I learned not to play without knowing what the game is about,” Fulanito reflects. Anyway, this teaching is not embodied in him, because soon after he knows a new way to, supposedly, become a millionaire quickly with cryptocurrencies, and falls back into the trap.

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“So-and-so buys bitcoin” is posted on the YouTube channel “Almost creative”. There are other videos on various topics that are intended to amuse and make you think, including “Your relationship with money”, “If bitcoin were a person”, “What I learned in 2020”, and “Types of doctors”.

5. The crypto mine

A young man wants to learn about bitcoin. Despite the fact that there are numerous materials available on the Internet for free, he considers that it is not enough and approaches a bitcoin academy of dubious reputation.

This is what the plot of the video “The crypto mine”,

which can be found on “Joaco’s channel” on YouTube, revolves around. With promises of easy and fast money, the “teachers” of the academy introduce the victim/pupil to the world of cryptocurrencies.

It was a bad decision for this young man to get into that academy! Within two minutes of entering, he is told that he owes a debt of USD 2,000 to the Binance exchange and must now recruit new members to pay off what he owes.

Now, the student is in a Ponzi scheme that will be difficult to get out of. Does his story sound familiar? It does to us. CryptoNews has reported on several trading and cryptocurrency academies that received complaints

about alleged scams and situations similar to the one this video humorously shows.

Just like “So-and-so buys bitcoin”, “The crypto mine” is a video to laugh at, but also to reflect on.

Joaco joins

a bitcoin academy, but ends up in a Ponzi scheme to pay off an alleged debt to Binance. Bitcoin with humor: 5 YouTube videos to laugh at cryptocurrencies and their users Bitcoin with humor: 5 YouTube videos to laugh at cryptocurrencies and their users Source: Elcanaldejoaco /