Bitcoin whale buys 490 BTC: "Buy the dip"
Bitcoin whale buys 490 BTC: "Buy the dip"Bitcoin whale buys 490 BTC: "Buy the dip"Bitcoin WaleBitcoin Wale Buy Bitcoin Whales BTC A



has struck again. The crypto market is extremely volatile. Investors feel this on a regular basis. When prices fall as sharply as they did on September 7, many investors panic. Other investors see a huge advantage in these price setbacks. In particular, large investors use these phases to invest further in Bitcoin


The mysterious third largest Bitcoin whale also pounced on the price drop, acquiring another 490 BTC at an average price of $46,800. This brings the total volume to around USD 23 million.

Just two weeks ago, the bitcoin whale bought another 504 bitcoin

split into two transactions at the end of August (466 and 38). Bitcoin-Whale already attracted attention months ago when he sold part of his Bitcoin holdings at a price of around 60,000 USD.

Bitcoin whale owns over 100,000 BTCIn total


the unknown person’s wallet has a whopping 108,923 Bitcoin. With a value of around 5 billion USD, the Bitcoin whale’s holdings are roughly the same size as those of software manufacturer MicroStrategy (108,994 BTC).

Accordingly, the Bitcoin Whale owns about 0.57 percent of all Bitcoins in circulation. It could well happen that the percentage increases further in the following months and years. In fact, about 70 percent of all Bitcoins are on just 0.4 percent of all wallets


However, these are many wallets of crypto exchanges, which store the deposits of individual users in these wallets. For example, there are around 288,000 Bitcoins on Binance’s coldwallet.

Prices of all cryptocurrencies down: Solana nevertheless reaches new all-time highThe

crypto market lost a total of around USD 400 billion in market capitalization during this dip, but is currently trading at a significantly higher level of almost USD 2.1 billion than two to three months ago


Solana (SOL) in particular is making headlines even during the crash by reaching a new all-time high. The cryptocurrency is not even noticing the setback to around USD 130 and is now trading at USD 192 again.

SOL was still trading at around 35 USD in August before the seventh-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization started an unparalleled rally.