Bitcoin trading youtuber murdered in the middle of the street in Brazil

Wesley Pessano Santarem, a famous 19-year-old bitcoin (BTC) trader, was shot dead while driving his Porsche in broad daylight in São Pedro da Aldeia, a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Several gunmen fired a “hail of bullets” at the young man who was known for sharing his methods and tips for trading cryptocurrencies

with his 134,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 16,000 on YouTube.

According to the Portuguese-language media

report the murder took place on Wednesday, August 4, when Pessano was hit by 4 bullets fired by the driver of a silver Volkswagen Voyage. Another young man who was traveling with Pessano was also wounded in the incident and remained in the hospital.

Police said they had begun investigations to find the suspects and determine the motive for the crime. However, on Monday, August 9, three people were arrested on charges of involvement in the murder. One of them was traveling in the vehicle used to commit the crime.

According to the first versions this fact would be related, apparently, with a settling of scores and committed by a hitman who would have received 40,000 Brazilian reals (USD 7,700) to kill Wesley. The suspects have been identified as Chingler Lopes Lima, Roberto Silva Campanha and Edson da Costa Marinho.

Among the hypotheses that the police handle, there is talk of a possible dispute over contracts with clients related to the cryptocurrency

industry. It is also not ruled out that Wesley was the victim of a robbery because he was traveling in a luxury car. However, the killers did not carry any of his belongings.

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In search of signs that would shed light on the crime, investigators were analyzing transactions made with bitcoin

and other cryptoassets, as pointed out by the media of the South American country. Bitcoin trading youtuber murdered in the middle of the street in Brazil Bitcoin trading youtuber murdered in the middle of the street in Brazil Investigations do not rule out the possibility that Wesley was the victim of a robbery, given the luxury car in which he was traveling. Source: Wesley Pessano /

Respect the guy who trades bitcoin

<pWesley Pessano left a big mark on the Internet where he had become an influencer who promised quick financial returns by trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The young man presented himself as a “trader” and as early as 18 was talking about “financial freedom”. “Respect the kid, man,” he frequently pointed out to refer to himself in his posts, in many of which he claimed to have made a profit of 20,000 reais (USD 3,800) in one minute.

In another post in March, Wesley showed an alleged technique in which he allegedly made a live profit of R$15,000 (US$2,800). In his latest video available under the hashtag “leverage”, Wesley writes: “Everything I put in my hand turns to gold”.

The young man combined his posts with videos and photos to show the world his lavish lifestyle. He was also shown counting bills, posing with wads of dollars and driving luxury cars, including his expensive red Porsche Boxster in which he died.

In comments left on his YouTube channel, as well as his Instagram posts, his followers mourned the influencer’s death. “You left your legacy, go in peace kid, you helped a lot of people,” they note.

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However, there are also those who believe that another great learning the young man left behind for his followers is to lead a more private life and disclose less of the profits you make in the world of cryptocurrencies or any other investment.