Bitcoin Limit Order: Stress-free through the bull market

The crypto market never sleeps. Good buying and selling opportunities can pop up at any time. Bitcoin limit orders allow you to break out of the hamster wheel of constant price monitoring.

Bitcoin has proven to the world that it doesn’t need a middleman to reliably transfer wealth. That’s why the crypto market isn’t dependent on exchange opening hours – Satoshi rolls around the clock, 24/7. But just because the crypto market knows no sleep doesn’t mean investors need to shove matches between their eyelids to avoid missing out on favorable entry opportunities. At least if they buy their bitcoin and co. from BISON


Know your limit – BISON takes care of the rest

With more than 450,000 users and a trading volume of 4.1 billion euros, BISON is one of the leading crypto brokers in German-speaking countries. Now, the Stuttgart-based company has pulled a feature out of its hat that the community has been eagerly awaiting: since August 19, BISON has made it possible to create limit orders for Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

What are Limit Orders?

With a Limit Order, you specify the desired rate at which you want to buy or sell an asset – for example, Bitcoin. This price is the “limit.” Once it is reached, the order is automatically executed.

Slideshow: Limit Orders at BISON

1. Open Trading ManagerWith the

Trading Manager of the BISON App, limit orders become a breeze. Select the Limit Order tab and click on “New Limit Order” to get started.

Select the cryptocurrency

you want to buy or sell. In our example, we want to buy bitcoin.

3. set limit and amountNow


can simply specify how many BTC you want to buy for a certain rate (the limit). At the bottom, enter the amount you want to invest and click “Ok, send”.

4. relax.

That’s it! BISON will notify you as soon as the order has been executed. If the limit is not reached after 90 days, the order expires and you have to place a new one.

What are the advantages of limit orders?

Limit orders save time and nerves: Instead of constantly checking the prices, you can concentrate on the finer things in life – knowing that your order will be executed even without a limit.

is executed without your intervention. Once you have decided on a limit – hopefully after thorough research – BISON takes care of the rest.

Because all too often, the early bird buys the dip. With Limit Orders you can be sure that your order will be executed while you are dreaming of your holidays.

Bitcoin Limit Order: Stress-free through the bull marketBitcoin Limit Order: Stress-free through the bull marketBTC/USD monthly history (resolution: 30 minutes): the best buying and selling opportunities are not based on your sleep schedule.

Serene through the bull market

The crypto year 2021 has been a busy one: driven by massive price gains in cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the market has shimmied to a capitalization of over $2.5 trillion in the interim. After a healthy correction in the summer, Bitcoin has gotten back on track. Whether the No. 1 cryptocurrency and its epigones will end the year as successfully as it began is something no one can say with any certainty.

Therefore, it is all the more important to choose your limits wisely so as not to miss any dips or highs. This gives you the chance to capitalize on every market situation with BISON – without having to pull out your mobile phone every 15 seconds. And if trading is still new territory for you and you just want to get a taste of it, BISON offers you a demo mode in which you can gain your first trading experience with “play money” – without any risk.


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