Bitcoin: it's battle over $44,000 - our analysis for investors

An off weekend for Bitcoin, which first surpassed $45,000, only to correct and return below $44,000. This price threshold remains the most important for today’s trading, as we had correctly predicted on Friday on these pages


An all in all idyllic situation for BTC, which would seem to have triggered a new bull run, in a time of the year that historically has never been too lenient towards the first Yellow Rocket Agency in the world in terms of capitalization.

Bitcoin orsi tori - battaglia - lettura di No-holds-barred war between bears and bulls: $44,000 threshold the fort to be conquered

A good time to invest? According to several analysts (which we will analyze later in today’s guide), absolutely yes. We can do it with eToro (here for those who want to test it with a free virtual account)

, intermediary that offers an excellent web platform and exclusive services such as CopyPortfolios, some of which calibrated just on BTC and companies that invest in it. Alternatively we also have CopyTrading, which allows us to invest by copying the best ones or by snooping through their trades. All with just $50 to open a free demo account.

Bitcoin at the $44,000 test – what it takes to break through and stay above the threshold

As we have already indicated, it has been a very interesting week for Bitcoin

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. After breaking through the strong resistance at $40,000, another bull run came, also accompanied by a couple of major short squeezes, which pushed the price above $45,000, and then had the very normal correction.

At the opening of the morning BTC is fighting on the threshold of $44,000, which will remain for today (and for the next few days in all likelihood) the boundary on which bulls and bears will battle, in a re-edition of the fight that started at $29,000, after one of the strongest corrections that the sector has ever had.

Pushing the price upwards, besides the obvious speculative maneuvers, have also been OTC purchases, i.e. off the main exchanges

, which has led several analysts to assume the possibility that some big investors are entering the market.

250,000 by 2025, and $ 100,000 by the end of the year

These are the two thresholds that have been discussed most frequently over the weekend, with <a href=”″ target=”_self” rel=”no

opener”>BTC forecasts

in line with ours. Reaching these levels will require BTC to keep up the proverbial fight during an August that has been consistently characterized by very low trading volumes and particularly sluggish markets.

These are price levels on which we feel like betting and that allow us to be relatively calm for those who have bought in the last weeks or days, at a price that could be – if these price levels were to be confirmed – very convenient.

The trend analysis with indicators and moving averages

Tools that become absolutely crucial in the moments in which the market faces important and fundamental resistances like those of today. Let’s see together first of all what moving averages have to tell us

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MOBILE MEDIA 10 20 50 100 200

Bitcoin 24-hour moving averages

We are faced with very encouraging moving averages, with only the 200 simple one signaling a decline. Those who would take into account what we have just reported would find the 24 hour long

position as the most useful to hold.


24-Hour Bitcoin Technical Indicators

Even the indicators signal strong bullish possibilities, in a picture that hardly becomes so clear-cut even in case of bull runs. The technical analysis that we have accompanied this update of ours is at 24 hours. Those who need broader horizons can get them with the tools that are made available by (also on its free demo account)

, which offers TradingView and MetaTrader, the top for the investor who focuses on technical analysis.

Controversy in the US over crypto regulation: but it’s a good sign for the industry and for Bitcoin

In the last few hours, an internecine war is taking place between two opposing sides in the US regarding the inclusion of extraordinary taxation on cryptocurrencies. The fact that the opposition to this news is so arch, as pointed out by the Washington Post, shows that actually the lobbying power of the industry has become very strong in the US as well.

Which is a good sign for BTC and the industry, no matter how this battle ends. A threat that has already been widely discounted by the markets, which continue to run despite news that, at least on paper, might seem negative.

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