Bitcoin heading towards USD $52,000 as XRP, Chainlink and Solana record remarkable gains on Sept. 6
Bitcoin heading towards USD $52,000 as XRP, Chainlink and Solana record remarkable gains on Sept. 6 By Angel Di Matteo

@shadowargelHand in hand with Bitcoin, Solana, Chainlink and XRP

, for this September 6 several of the market’s leading exponents are also on the rise.



heading towards USD $52,000 this September 6

We open our price report for the afternoon of this September 6 reviewing the evolution seen in the price of Bitcoin (BTC

), digital currency that at the time of editing is quoted at about USD $51,695 per unit, with an increase of 2.74% in the last 24 hours.

This is revealed by data published by our CryptoMarkets section, which shows that after a sharp rise capitalized during yesterday afternoon, the price of Bitcoin

was trading above USD $51,600, gaining more than USD $1,400 in just two hours of trading. Since then, it has fluctuated near USD $51,750 but in the morning hours it recorded a slight drop, and from that point on it has been hovering around the aforementioned values. Evolución precio de Bitcoin este 6 de septiembreEvolución precio de Bitcoin este 6 de septiembreBitcoin Price Evolution this September 6th

What will happen to Bitcoin?

While this is the question many are asking right now, it is still very difficult to estimate what will happen to the price of the digital currency in the coming days.

While the trading volume in the last 24 hours increased by more than 28% and surpasses USD $36.529 billion, analysts are inclined to think that perhaps the digital currency is still on a bullish streak, which could extend for longer and lead to

The digital currency towards new peaks. However, it is uncertain at the moment whether in the short term it will reach USD $64,000 per unit again, approaching the all-time highs capitalized in mid-April this year.

The truth is that there are more and more investors and enthusiasts attentive to the future of digital currency. Even one of Bitcoin‘s main detractors, Peter Schiff, acknowledged that the price of Bitcoin has risen sharply and surpassed the evolution seen in the gold market in the last 10 years. Bitcoin has risen significantly and surpassed the evolution seen in the gold market in the last 10 years, although he maintains his thesis that it is losing market dominance to other options in the cryptocurrency space.

As always, we recommend our readers to be very cautious when trading Bitcoin, precisely to avoid adverse results in the face of the volatility still present in the price of Bitcoin.

Solana continues to rise on September 6th

Another currency that continues its bullish run is Solana (SOL ), a cryptocurrency of the network of the same name which continues to climb positions in the ranking of major cryptocurrencies, trading at this time at about USD $156 per unit and capitalizing gains of 13.5% over yesterday.

Given the evolution that the price of the digital currency has been registering these past few weeks, it is no surprise to anyone that the digital currency continues to rise as the days go by. Analysts associate this evolution with the rise of the DeFi and NFT sectors within its network, which are attracting a large number of investors interested in trading their assets, taking advantage of the benefits offered by its Blockchain scalability and low costs.

XRP and Chainlink also capitalize on notable gains

Other cases that are also on the rise this September 6 include XRP and Chainlink (LINK), coins that capitalized gains close to 8% in the last 24 hours:

  • Regarding XRP, the coin created by Ripple
  • is trading at about USD $1.38 per unit, and the uptrend seen in the last seven days derived gains of 21.82% for those who invested last August 31.

  • Something similar happens with the case of Chainlink
  • , since although the coin registers a price equivalent to USD $35.2 by the time of editing, in a week of operations it increased more than 39.2%. </ul>

    Winners and losers of the day

    Finally, here we review the cases with the most pronounced fluctuations for this September 6.

    Winning cryptocurrencies

    Losing cryptocurrencies

    To buy cryptocurrencies



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