Bitcoin futures ETF available in October?
Bitcoin futures ETF available in October?Bitcoin futures ETF available in October?Bitcoin ETF Schriftzug mit diversen Kryptowährungen.Bitcoin ETF Schriftzug mit diversen Kryptowährungen.

According to a Bloomberg forecast, the SEC could approve the bitcoin futures ETF later this year. In doing so, Bloomberg ETF analysts believe that the ETF could be available as early as October. This new prediction comes just a short time after ProShares and asset manager VanEck withdrew their applications. The latter had withdrawn the applications just two days after filing for Ether ETFs.

Approval of bitcoin futures ETF from SEC.

Bloomberg ETF analysts James Seyffart and Eric Balchunas publish an investor note yesterday that is generating a lot of interest. It says that all indications are that SEC approval for bitcoin futures ETF could come as early as October. The abrupt withdrawal of ether futures ETF that asset managers VanEck and ProShares proposed could be the trigger. Yet VanEck and ProShares had already withdrawn the proposal two days after filing with the SEC. Now, everything probably points to the SEC approving bitcoin futures ETFs by the end of October. Here’s what Bloomberg ETF analysts had to say about this:

The rapid withdrawal of proposals for Ethereum futures ETFs from VanEck and ProShares is a good sign for a potential bitcoin futures ETF, as the SEC has allowed the filings to remain active. A launch could come as early as October, and we believe the SEC should allow several at the same time to avoid giving a first-mover advantage.

In addition, Balchunas also noted that ProShares’ bitcoin futures ETF is also among the proposals the SEC is approving.

We believe that Ethern’s withdrawal shows that the SEC is ahead of the curve on this issue and is in active contact with issuers, which should mean that any kinks will be ironed out so they can launch 75 days after filing.

Investors are waiting for bitcoin ETFs.

Even though VanEck and ProShares withdrew the ether futures ETF shortly after the filing, some still remain active. Among them is the bitcoin futures ETF, with this one filed by Valkyrie, VanEck, Invesco and ProShares.

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Thus, as of October, there should also be Bitcoin futures ETFs, which investors had been waiting for quite a while. So far, cryptocurrency ETFs have been few and far between, so we expect adoption to be especially high.

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