Bitcoin Day: Today begins to govern the Bitcoin Law in El Salvador, Chivo wallet will be in AppStore, GooglePlay and Huawei
Bitcoin Day: Today begins to govern the Bitcoin Law in El Salvador, Chivo wallet will be in AppStore, GooglePlay and Huawei By Editor DiarioBitcoin

As of today, the Bitcoin

Law, which gives legal status to the cryptocurrency, goes into effect in El Salvador. Bitcoiners celebrate what is considered a milestone.

Today is a historic day for El Salvador. But not only for that Central American country, but for the world. From today begins to rule in the nation the Bitcoin Law, approved by a large majority by the Legislative Assembly in June. Bitcoin

, the main cryptocurrency, is now legal tender in that country, which is the first in the world to take this step.

No doubt the nation’s president, Nayib Bukele, has not slept. Or at least that seems to be reflected in his Twitter feed, where this morning he hasn’t stopped writing messages or retweeting those of others.

He started at midnight in his home country



also shared what will be the front page of the most widely circulated Salvadoran newspaper, with a headline that reads in huge letters, Bitcoin


Chivo available

Also, the president took the opportunity to report that the Chivo wallet was about to be available on Apple, Google and Huawei


A few hours later he confirmed that it was available in Huawei, so it is expected that at any time today it will be in the other app stores.

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He shared the official page of the Chivo wallet.

Chivo, also with his own Twitter account , updates all the time the news regarding this adoption.

Also, the president clarified that they are not 200 bitcoins are not the first to buy the government to put into circulation, but are 400 bitcoins. That is, he then bought twice as much as he had officially announced yesterday.

Influencers party

Not only the president, many important spokespersons of the crypto community applauded the historic day for the community Bitcoin and gave their congratulations in the wee hours of the morning.

Coindesk media reports that many bitcoiners around the world are buying USD $30 in BTC to celebrate the occasion, since that’s exactly the amount that all Salvadorans will have in their Chivo wallets . In a survey conducted by MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, which had 75,489 responses, 82% of respondents said they would buy USD $30 in Bitcointoday.

There were many congratulations. Here are a few examples:

“Welcome to Bitcoin, El Salvador,” wrote the <em> exchange</em>.>Binance.

And its CEO, Changpeng Zhao, wrote on the social network, “So far, only 1 country in the world uses #crypto as legal tender. Just the beginning.”

Tron CEO Justin Sun tweeted, “#ElSalvador has probably one of the largest #Bitcoin holdings of any country in the world! And #ElSalvador formally adopts #BTC as legal tender! All the cryptocurrency business will soon be moving to #ElSalvador! Congratulations, President

Meanwhile, Ciara Sun, VP of Global Business at Huobi, said, “#ElSalvador has 400 bitcoins, said President @NayibBukele. And today the country formally adopts #BTC as legal tender alongside the US dollar. Congratulations to all Salvadorans, this is history in the making.”

That’s just to show the first reactions of those who tweeted in the early hours of the morning.

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Teaching the population

It is worth remembering that the law has not been free of opposition, many politicians, citizenship and international organizations have criticized it, however the government has insisted on its implementation until making it a reality. In fact, the Executive itself has made publicity and educational campaigns so that the population is not afraid of its use. It has also had to clarify that it is compulsory for businesses to accept payments in Bitcoinpayments, although they can exchange them for dollars.

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Report by MRTabuas/ DiarioBitcoin

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