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Austrian start-up Coinpanion has announced the successful completion of its seed financing round. High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) acted as lead investor.

Coinpanion wants to simplify crypto investments. In addition to crypto savings plans, the Viennese start-up currently offers three different crypto portfolios: from “Cautious” to “Balanced” to “Adventurous”. Coinpanion invests in USDC, BTC, ETH, ADA EOS and LINK. The portfolios differ in the percentage share that the stablecoin USDC takes in each case.

For example, USDC makes up 80 percent of the “cautious” portfolio, while the “adventurous” one contains only Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Cardanao (ADA), EOS and Chainlink (LINK). On the other hand, the “Balanced” portfolio is supposed to offer a compromise between safety and return, with 40 percent USDC and 60 percent of the other coins.

The weighting of each coin in each portfolio is adjusted weekly to minimize risk for investors. In addition, crypto deposits are insured. The lack of deposit protection is another factor that often makes crypto-curious people shy away from investing in the new asset class.

Coinpanion: Start-up invests in growth

For Kilian von Berlichingen, investment manager at lead investor High-Tech-Gründerfonds (HTGF), the completion of the seed financing now sets the course for making Bitcoin and Co. accessible to those clientele for whom crypto investments were previously too complicated.

With Coinpanion, a start-up is finally democratizing the opaque crypto market. Now really everyone can become a crypto investor without prior knowledge,

von Berlichingen is convinced. In addition to HTGF, Patrick Pöschl, co-founder of Munich-based Unicorn Scalable Capital, and Christopher Oster, CEO of insurance manager CLARK, as well as Austrian star investor Johann “Hansi” Hansmann, among others, participated in the seed financing. Coinpanion intends to invest the proceeds of 1.8 million euros in its further growth.

We want to further expand our strong user growth. We also plan to grow from 18 to 50 employees within one year,

Alexander Valtingojer, co-founder and CEO of Coinpanion, was quoted in a company press release.