Bitcoin: Bank of America parte con i futures, mentre Wall Street...

First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they make war on you and finally, says the popular Gandhi phrase, you win. That’s what happened to Bitcoin vis-à-vis Bank of America, one of the most important banking groups in the country.

BoA’s openness towards BTC can now be said to be total, as the bank has started trading futures based on the Yellow Rocket Agency’s price – a move that denotes maximum attention, at least on a financial level, to the complex world

revolving around cryptocurrencies. Bank of America opens to Bitcoin futures – and meanwhile Wall Street…

Another very important victory for Bitcoin – for a process of financial and non-financial adoption that now seems unstoppable and is involving even banks that, at least in the past, had declared themselves averse to this type of operation. This is bullish news too, despite the fact that the market is going through a relatively complex phase, with bears dominating the last 48 hours.

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Bank of America makes the leap: enters the Bitcoin futures market

The news is important for Bitcoin

, which is now considered as a financial asset by several major international banking groups. The addition of Bank of America, however, has a particular value, because on the one hand it is one of the most important banks in the world, on the other hand because this opens up new possibilities for a number of U.S. customers, not huge, but relevant.

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Wall Street is getting ready – and this is a topic we have already discussed many times in the last few days – for a grand entrance into this market, also taking advantage of the relatively low prices at which BTC is also traded these days


  • This explains the enlargement of the team dedicated to crypto

A little over a week ago we already reported on the new search for cryptocurrency specialists for a new team at Bank of America

, news that had started a series of speculations that today, at least in part, can come to their obvious conclusion.

Bank of America sets off in search of its own balance – and its own nucl

eo of services – around the cryptocurrency market – starting with the one that both investors and enthusiasts in the industry is called, without a doubt, the queen.

The repercussions on the price of Bitcoin

Bitcoin continues to experience a phase of sideways movements, with the week however seeing it move more towards the vicinity of $31,000, and not towards the upper limit of the channel.

Such a situation, however, would favor the world of Wall Street which, according to rumors that are becoming more and more founded, would be warming up its engines for a major entry into the market, taking advantage of prices that are less than half of those we had at the all-time highs.

Should this indeed be the case – the current price at which Bitcoin is trading at these days would be at a steep discount – and this is starting to move a relatively significant amount of spot buying, which at the time of writing has helped BTC get back above $32,000.

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Our Bitcoin forecasts, which famously point to very high price levels, are fully confirmed for us, despite the sideways movements of recent weeks discouraging most.