Bitcci seeks to transform the adult industry with Blockchain technology
Bitcci seeks to transform the adult industry with Blockchain technology By Martin Mende

The company Bitcci

has developed an ecosystem that combines the adult entertainment industry and technology.


While some industries struggled during the global pandemic, the adult industry and the Blockchain sector grew stronger. As a result, the adult industry witnessed a record number of users subscribing to tons of projects. Similarly, the Blockchain

industry saw increased adoption leading to a bull run in the value of cryptocurrencies.

This development has led to several projects looking to implement Blockchain functions within the adult industry. Swiss-based Blockchain company Bitcci AG

has successfully developed an ecosystem that combines the two sectors to great effect.

Solving problems in the adult industry

Despite the massive growth of the adult industry in recent years, it is plagued by significant problems. Acceptance by the general public is still frowned upon, and there are transparency issues within clubhouses and saunas.

Workers are also poorly paid, and a centralized few control most of the payment channels. In addition, major adult-themed websites charge massive commissions that make workers scarce.


intends to solve these problems by building an ecosystem that regulates and decentralizes the adult industry. This is accomplished with its extensive roadmap to build nightclubs globally, develop new payment solutions, and implement a single token for the adult industry.

Beyond Traditional Blockchain


When many think of Blockchain in the adult industry, what usually comes to mind is cryptocurrency as a payment method. However, Bitcci

goes beyond that by creating innovations to offer a next generation experience to users.

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The project was launched in 2017 by CEO Christoph Elbert when he was looking to introduce Blockchain concepts to the adult industry. Elbert combined Bitcoin, Bitch and a famous brand of r

Italian takeover bid to create “bitcci”.

Since then, bitcci GROUP AG has expanded to consist of 3 public limited companies with two more companies, “bitcci Building AG” (a real estate company) and “bitcci Club AG” (a club operations company), scheduled to launch in Q4 2022.

Bitcci is also a member of several cryptocurrency advocacy groups in Europe including Crypto Valley and Blockchain in Europe, including Crypto Valley and Crypto County Association.

Creating systems of value within the adult industry

Bitcci creates value systems that dictate how the adult industry should operate. The company reportedly already has plans to build a network of next-generation nightclub buildings in hotspot locations globally.

The first phase of the project is to establish ten state-of-the-art nightclubs backed by Blockchain in Europe by Q4 2022. The nightclubs will be managed by bitcci Club AG and built according to regulatory standards. After the first phase, bitcci plans to expand to other regions globally.

Bitcci “bitccci club” club management software has been adopted by 4 of Switzerland’s largest sauna clubs, the company reports. The software helps clubs and saunas manage their services at minimal cost.

The Bitcci portal and apps will provide a portable online platform for escorts to promote themselves with their sexual services, location photos, videos and schedules. In addition, advertisers will also showcase their services to a massive community of users that foster the Bitcciecosystem.

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Bitcci is also creating a platform that follows government regulations and has developed an API interface: “bitcci connect”. Regulators can use the API to monitor Bitcci’ s records and ensure transparency and accountability.

Bitcci Cash Token ICO

The Bitcci ecosystem is powered by its payment token Bitcci Cash Token. The payment token is based on the blockchain Ethereumone of the most secure platforms in the blockchain industry.

Bitcci Cash Token is used to pay for different services within the Bitcci ecosystem. It has a finite maximum supply of 100 billion tokens, and its smart contract has been audited by two security companies, SolidProof and Immune Bytes. Bitcci currently has an ICO for the token, and anyone can participate in the sale of the token.

50% of the token (50 billion) has been made available to the <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>ICO in different phases. Each phase is tied to 10 billion tokens for sale, with the value of the token changing for subsequent phases.

Bitcci has already completed a private sale in which it reportedly sold 10 billion bitcci cash tokens in 15 days. This exceeded expectations and shows the growing interest in the Blockchainproject.

Interested participants can buy the payment token on the bitcci ICO platform using cryptocurrencies. The minimum amount is 100 CHF (USD $110). To learn more about bitcci and its ICO, please visit

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