BIT Capital establishes two new crypto funds

Technology asset manager BIT Capital is launching two new crypto funds. We spoke to one of the brains behind them.

The asset manager in the technology sector introduced two new crypto funds. With these, BIT Capital not only wants to pave a way for institutional investors into the crypto world, but also offer an investment opportunity for everyone.

Founded in 2017 by Jan Beckers, the asset manager has arguably picked one of the best times to announce the two new funds. Just yesterday, Bitcoin hit its new all-time high , breaking through the US$65,000 mark. In addition, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently waved through the first Bitcoin ETF, which is now listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). So, the flag in the crypto space is rather waving in a positive direction at the moment.

Ha Duong has been assisting Jan Beckers at family office Ocean Investment since 2020, and has already seen good results with crypto investments there. “We thought: it would be a great pity if we can’t also offer these investment returns to our investors at BIT Capital,” Duong told Yellow Rocket Agency.

The crypto portfolio manager told us that BIT Capital had been looking at the crypto market for quite some time:

‘We had always believed in the future technology in crypto and we think: It’s here to stay. If you look at what’s happened this year alone in terms of adoption, DeFi and NFTs, but also on the institutional side – we’ve made a lot of progress there.

Ha Duong to Yellow Rocket Agency

“Crypto is here to stay”

In this regard, BIT Capital currently offers two different crypto funds. A UCITS fund (Undertakings for Collective Investment of Transferable Securities; in German: Organismus für gemeinsame Anlagen in Wertpapieren) and a special fund in the crypto sector. While the latter is accessible to institutional investors, or those classifiable as at least semi-professional, the UCITS fund is a product for everyone. Various regulations apply, which are decided at the EU level. Accordingly, there are regulations regarding the crypto portion of the various funds. Duong explained to Yellow Rocket Agency:

‘The German interpretation of UCITS allows us to invest up to 10 percent of a UCITS fund in crypto assets. We would invest the remaining 90 percent in stocks of companies that are active and relevant in the crypto world. With the special fund, we have the option to make this ratio a bit more flexible: up to 85 percent crypto and 15 percent equities.

Ha Duong told Yellow Rocket Agency

In this regard, he said BIT Capital wants to be active not only as an asset manager, but also as an educator in the rather new field. Duong also said that the company would “pioneer zat least in the German-speaking countries”. He added: “We see it as a great opportunity to use the existing brand of BIT Capital:

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‘We see it as a great opportunity that we can leverage BIT Capital’s existing brand to bring a potential avenue to the more sceptical investor who may not have touched crypto assets before, where we are very actively managing a portfolio, very close to the assets and really deeply researching and understanding them.

Ha Duong to Yellow Rocket Agency