Binance P2P enables trading between bolivars and Axie Infinity SLPs for users in Venezuela
Binance P2P enables trading between bolivars and Axie Infinity SLPs for users in Venezuela By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargelThe

exchange seeks to create a direct mechanism for Venezuelans to exchange bolivars for SLP and vice versa, directly through Binance P2P

, due to the great boom of the

Axie Infinity

game in Venezuela.

Binance, the exchange with the largest volume of international trading operations, announced that Axie Infinity users residing in Venezuela can now exchange Axie Infinity SLP (Smooth Love Potion) tokens for Venezuelan bolivars and vice versa through its P2P


SLP trading through Binance P2P in Venezuela

The news was shared by the Binance

team through

a publication on its blog, where they indicate that the measure comes because of the great commercial interest seen among users residing in the South American country, so they enable a mechanism so that they can trade more directly the SLP earned in Axie Infinity


“Whether you’re interested in P2P trading or just looking for a method to buy/sell your SLP’s in an easy, fast, secure and best of all: No fees, Binance P2P is the coolest option in Venezuela”.

The DiarioBitcoin team entered the Binance P2P page and found that SLP

is available for trading operations with sovereign bolivars. However, the measure does not apply to different fiat currencies such as US dollars, euros or Colombian pesos, currencies also used in Venezuela. Compra / Venta de SLP por bolívares soberanos a través de Binance P2PCompra / Venta de SLP por bolívares soberanos a través de Binance P2PBuy / Sell SLP per bolSovereign vouchers via Binance P2P. Binance P2P image

However, since P2P trading allows buyers and sellers to adjust the conditions to best suit their needs, the platform does not prevent traders from using other currencies to pay for SLPs,

although the important thing is that the transaction be denominated in bolivars at least for the creation of the respective order.

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To buy or sell SLPs

for sovereign bolivars

To carry out the process


Binance P2P, the Binance

team describes the process in six steps:

  • Transfer SLP from the SPOT wallet to the P2Pwallet.
  • Choose SLP and Sovereign Bolivars (VES) as the currencies to be used for the operation.
  • Review the corresponding offers and choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • In case you sell SLP, indicate in the chat the conditions that apply for the operation. Make sure the funds reach your account before releasing the cryptocurrencies.
  • If you are interested in buying SLPs, consign the payment to the merchant and receive the assets in your wallet.

The rise of Axie Infinity

The announcement by the Binance

team comes amidst

the boom that Axie Infinity is experiencing ,

becoming a very lucrative alternative for people to derive income from playing or create scholarships for other players to participate in without the need to make the corresponding initial investment.

The game as such has gained a lot of popularity in countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela. It is worth mentioning that in this last country there are already some businesses that informally accept payments with SLP

for products and services. It is unknown if this possibility will also be available for other countries where the game also has a large user base.

Meanwhile, the SLP

token has been registering drops in recent weeks, being especially pronounced these days in the midst of the decline that affects the main exponents of the market. As of press time the token is trading at about USD $0.087, capitalizing losses of 10% from yesterday.

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Source: Binance Blog

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