Billionaire Ricardo Salinas announces retail giant Elektra to add Bitcoin payments with Lightning
Billionaire Ricardo Salinas announces retail giant Elektra to add Bitcoin payments with Lightning By Editor DiarioBitcoin

Mexican retail giant Grupo Elektra will add Bitcoin

payments through the Lightning network.


Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego, owner of Banco Azteca, TV Azteca

and other companies in Mexico, made a major announcement via

Twitter: the Grupo Elektra, also of his proposed will add Bitcoin

Lightning Payments.

Here your tweet


Very soon we will have it in our network of Elektra stores. #Bitcoin #LightningNetwork

You are replying to a tweet in which bitcoiner influencer Alan Gladstein shares a video of his explience shopping with Lightning

in El Salvador:

Flawless experience using @MuunWallet here at El Zonte to buy all sorts of things with Bitcoin If you visit, be sure to stop by for a coffee with Karla, an excellent barista. You can tip her instantly from anywhere in the world with Lightning here:

Elektra, Salinas and Bitcoin

It’s worth noting that Grupo Elektra

is a

retail and finance giant. In terms of stores, it operates more than 1,140 points of sale in Mexico, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and El Salvador. It offers online

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The company also sells white goods, electronics, furniture, motorcycles, cell phones, computers, as well as electronic money transfers and extended warranties, among many other products, especially for the lower classes. Grupo Elektra sells approximately 1 out of every 4 televisions sold in Mexico. This says a lot about its power.

Salinas Pliego, meanwhile, is the third richest person in Mexico, with an estimated net worth of USD$15.4 billion. As DiarioBitcoin has recounted , he’s been a big advocate for Bitcoin for some time now, but he’s made it especially public this year.

He even tweeted in June of this year that his Banco Azteca would soon become the first Mexican lender to start accepting Bitcoin. However, after his announcement, the government warned that it was not possible by Mexican law for a bank to do that.

As for Lightning, social media giant Twitter is reportedly testing a tipping feature powered by the technology.

Sources: Twitter, Elektra, UToday, Merca20

Report by DiarioBitcoin

Image from Unsplash