Big investors buy up 100,000 bitcoin in three weeks

A new cryptocurrency called MagaCoin aims to propel former President Donald Trump back into the Oval Office.

A data leak is clouding the launch of a new cryptocurrency that the Donald Trump camp, i.e. the former US president’s “MAGA” cap-wearing entourage, wants to use to propel the now Florida-based Republican back into the Oval Office. In the process, the personal information of about a thousand MagaCoin users:inside leaked to the public.

A few days ago, a hacker played the data to the Guardian who speaks in the context of a “poor security architecture” of the MagaCoin site. The cryptocurrency went online last week. MAGA, meanwhile, stands for “Make America Great Again”. The slogan was the campaign slogan of the former US president in 2016 and 2020.

Cryptocurrency for Trump supporters

By their own account, conservative Trump supporters created MagaCoin after their idol’s election defeat. The cryptocurrency is intended to support political projects and people who carry the MAGA agenda forward.

Since the baseless assumption that Trump actually won the election is widespread in this milieu, the total 75 million MagaCoins represent 75 million voters:inside “who were disenfranchised on November 3, 2020.”

The leaked data actually proves that conservative media personalities and Republican:ins are among the MagaCoins’ owners:ins. Right-wing political consultant Reilly O’Neal of Colorado is behind the new cryptocurrency in the process, according to the Guardian.

What Donald Trump thinks of the MagaCoin is unknown. In the past, however, the former US president appeared as a staunch Bitcoin opponent.