"Benz-Dealer" by Quebonafide listed on Rarible for 5 ETH

On July 13, the long-awaited track from Polish rapper Quebonafide “Benz-Dealer” was released online. Together with Kubom Grabowski in the track we can hear well-known on the international scene Tommiy CashSponsoredSponsored

Many listeners, however, were disappointed with the final version of the track. Snippets, which were presented online earlier, differed significantly from the track published in mid-July.

Now, it turns out that the original version of the track is available for purchase on Rarible

. The subject of the sale is a “draft” version of the track by Quebonafide and Forxsta, without the participation of Tommy Cash. The recording lasts only 1:26 minutes and consists of only one stanza and chorus. As we can read in the description, the buyer will be able to use the recording in any way he wants. For example, he can set himself a song as a ringtone in his smartphone. The

auction description is as follows:

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Vagwan guys. I would like to present to you a draft version of the song “Benz-Dealer” made in 2017 by Quebonafide and FORXST. This draft is 1:26 long and has one stanza and a chorus. Once you purchase it, you can do whatever you imagine with it. Use it as a ringtone, play it over and over to your partner, or produce some product. Literally whatever you want.

Quebonafide track is not the cheapest thing. The track has been put up for auction and already has one bidder. One user is willing to pay 2 ETH for it. However, there is also a direct “buy now” option. A person willing to set “Benz-Dealer” as a ringtone right now, has to pay as much as 5 ETH, which in conversion into Polish zloty amounts to about 60 thousand zloty.

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Are Polish rappers inspired by the West again?

Are we just witnessing a new fashion in Polish rap? Will other hip-hop artists follow in Quebonafide’s footsteps and use NFT

markets to create another source of income? It is very possible. As it is known, Polish rap draws strong inspirations from the United States, and there NFT in the musical environment is becoming something completely normal.

An example can be here one of the most famous rappers in the world – Eminem. Aswe reported on August 25, Slim Shady released his own NFT

on the Nifty Gateway platform. Several other rappers have also entered this space.

One of them is A$AP Rocky. However, it is Eminem who is by far the most prominent hip-hop artist among proponents of non-exchangeable token technology. One could argue that cryptocurrency enthusiast Snoop Dogg is also an iconic artist. However, <a href=”https://en.wikiped

ia.org/wiki/Snoop_Dogg”>Snoop’s sales of 35 million records worldwide pale in comparison to Eminem’ s estimated 220 million records.

However, Snoop Dogg has also already released an NFT collection. It was titled “A Journey With The Dogg” and was released on April 2. The collection features original Snoop tracks as well as artwork inspired by his life.

Younger rappers are also entering a new musical space. Soulja Boy claimed to be the first rapper in the world to sell his tweets as NFT. Lil Pump released his NFT collection on Sweet, while Takeshi69 did the same only he did it on Bondly.finance.


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