Beneficial for the crypto sector? Court forces Apple to link third-party payment gateways in dispute against Epic
Beneficial for the crypto sector? Court forces Apple to link third-party payment gateways in dispute against Epic By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargelThe

move would force Apple

to accept off-platform payments in its apps. Enthusiasts point out that this could benefit cryptocurrencies if they are listed as a means to pay for products and services.

The court case of game developer Epic against Apple

has taken an interesting turn, just after the judge in charge ruled that Apple must now allow third-party payment gateways to be linked to all apps sold through its online store.


must allow third-party payment services in their apps

This was stated by Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, who ruled that it is no longer mandatory for developers to use only Apple’

s payment system in their applications, which eliminates the monopoly that until now the technology company maintained on the capital collected through the applications operating on their devices.

Originally the developers of the applications operating on iOS had to pay Apple

a portion of the income from each and every one of the purchases / subscriptions made through the apps, as the company had prohibited them from linking payment services belonging to third parties. In this way, the company enabled the only payment channel available for these purposes, and on this it made a profit of up to 30% for each operation.

The dispute between Epic and Apple

This measure responds directly to the dispute that Epic Games and Apple maintain in court , where the game developer filed an antitrust lawsuit against the latter for the reasons stated above, which became much more relevant when the technology company removed Fornite, the popular BattleRoyale

that operates on many platforms, from its app store after discovering that they capitalized on revenue from other channels.

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The court order filed by Judge Gonzales reads


“[Apple is] permanently enjoined from preventing developers from including external links or other calls to action in their apps and their metadata buttons that direct customers to purchase mechanisms, in addition to in-app purchases, and from communicating with customers through touch points voluntarily obtained from customers through in-app account registration.”

As such, the lawsuit is still ongoing, and the injunction is expected to take effect within the next 90 days, leaving Apple the ability to appeal the ruling co


Potentially beneficial for crypto?

While the move is a victory for iOS app development teams and payment gateway operators, analysts and enthusiasts alike point out that this would be a great opportunity for cryptocurrencies.

As such, the secrecy managed by Apple to date does not allow users to make payments with cryptocurrencies for products and services in its online store, but if the measure overturns this ban, digital currencies could begin to circulate through the operating app on iOS, opening possibilities for all interested parties using the company’s devices.

In this regard, the CEO of Uniswap Labs, Hayden Adams, hinted that perhaps this could be an announcement that will boost the price of major cryptocurrencies.

At the moment all that’s left is to wait and see how the case evolves, which involves waiting for the measure to become fully effective in case Apple fails to win an appeal if it ever files one.

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