Axie Infinity creators announce plans to release free version of the game
Axie Infinity creators announce plans to release free version of the game By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargelThis

will be known as Axie Infinity: Origins

and will serve as a free demo for those interested. The team clarified that in this version players will not derive profits with the tokens associated with the traditional game.


The team behind the popular NFT game that operates on the Ethereum network , Axie Infinity,

reported that they are working on a free version of the game, which will be especially targeted for the interested audience that is not as knowledgeable about this ecosystem and its dynamics.

A free version of Axie Infinity

This is what the team said in a new official statement published through the blog The Lunacian, where they revealed that this mode will be known as “Axie Infinity: Origins”,


will integrate a new, faster and more dynamic battle system. As an important fact, the team clarified that this will serve as a kind of “free demo”, which will not derive profits for its participants.

Among the objectives for Axie Infinity: Origins

is that this free version will serve as a testing ground for people interested in the game, where they can experience first-hand the associated dynamics before proceeding to invest to play the main version.

It is worth noting that people who wish to play Axie Infinity must make the investment to acquire a first set of three Axies, for which a cost of USD $500 per each is estimated in ETH,

or they have the option to request a grant from a person who is willing to lend a set of monsters they are not using, this in exchange for deriving a percentage of the capitalized profits for the corresponding loan.

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The Axie Infinity


The news about the plans of the team responsible for the game comes in the midst of the great boom that Axie Infinity is experiencing ,

becoming a very lucrative alternative for people to derive income from playing or create scholarships for other players to participate without the need to make the corresponding initial investment.

The game as such has gained a lot of popularity in countries like Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela, especially in this nation where several reports reveal that some businesses are even accepting payments with SLP (Smooth Love Potion

) tokens for their products and services.

Despite the fact that the number of users has increased significantly in recent months, the price of the main currency that players receive, SLP, has

has been falling in recent weeks, with the fall being especially pronounced in recent days as the cryptocurrency market has been on a downward trend. As of press time the token is trading at about USD $0.089, capitalizing losses of 8% from yesterday.

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