Spanish authorities capture another person involved in the massive hacking of Twitter in 2020
Spanish authorities capture another person involved in the massive hacking of Twitter in 2020 By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargelThis

would be the fourth member of the group of hackers who perpetrated the attack against Twitter last year, in which they stole at least USD $120,000 in Bitcoin

funds from the victims.

Authorities in Spain have arrested a 22-year-old British man suspected of being involved in the massive hacking of at least 130 verified accounts on the social

networking site


in which they posted messages promoting a scam that resulted in the theft of at least $120,000 in




The capture took place today in the city of Malaga, Spain, where local authorities captured Joseph O’Conner, better known online by the pseudonym “PlugWalkJoe”, for whom the FBI

issued an international arrest warrant in collaboration with several law enforcement agencies.

Those responsible for the Twitter


The massive hack took place on July 15, 2020, in which a group of people took control of the accounts belonging to celebrities and reputable companies, including personalities such as Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Kanye West, current U.S. President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama


As a result of the hack, the compromised accounts posted messages promoting a website, which offered a misleading campaign in which those responsible offered to send back double the BTC received by the interested parties. Although the Twitter team managed to restore access hours later, the scam managed to capitalize on at least $120,000 in Bitcoin


Investigations revealed that the attack was made possible through the use of phishing

techniques, whereby they took control of an employee’s credentials and proceeded to access an admin panel, from which they perpetrated the massive scam through the compromised accounts.

The investigation led to the capture of a 17-year-old Florida teenager, who was believed to be the main perpetrator of the attack in question. Authorities also found two other people who were also involved in the hacking.

As for O’Conner, the FBI is accusing him of multiple counts of

The charges of conspiracy and international access to servers without proper authorization remain to be seen. For the time being, it remains to be seen what sentence he will face for the crimes he committed.

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