As Bitcoin and major altcoins fall slightly, Solana surpasses $100 on Aug. 30
As Bitcoin and major altcoins fall slightly, Solana surpasses $100 on Aug. 30 By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargelIn the face

of the fall capitalized by Bitcoin and the main exponents this August 30, Solana

registers new all-time highs and surpasses the USD $100 barrier.



records a slight fall this August 30

A new week begins and we open our price report for this August 30 highlighting the slight fall recorded in the price of Bitcoin (BTC

), the main digital currency that at the time of editing is quoted at about USD $ 47,690 per unit, with a reduction of 1.5% in the last 24 hours.

This is reflected in data published in our section CritpoMercados , which shows that the fall seen in the price of Bitcoin

began during the afternoon of yesterday, shortly after the price of digital currency reached the barrier of USD $ 49,300 per unit. From

that moment on, the price of the digital currency began to fall, showing some fluctuations until it reached the levels seen a few minutes ago

. Evolución precio de Bitcoin este 30 de agostoEvolución precio de Bitcoin este 30 de agostoBitcoin price evolution this August 30

Resistance around USD $50,000

Although it seems that Bitcoin

has quite remarkable moments in terms of increases, it seems that the digital currency finds some resistance around USD $50,000, a measure on which it has not been able to stay long.

The moment when we finally saw Bitcoin above USD $50,000 was last August 22nd of this year. However, after one day of trading its price fell again and since then it has been trading at the $50,000 level.

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The SOL has not managed to overcome that barrier, although there have been very interesting moments in terms of fluctuations and upward runs.

Analysts are debating in the short term between the possibility that it will Bitcoin Finally, it is likely that the price of the stock will rise and stay above this barrier, or that on the contrary, its price will fall and start a new bear season. The truth is that it seems that many investors see the current levels as a point to secure profits, which generates market trends and motivates others to get out before the digital currency reaches higher values.

However, while the general consensus is that it is likely to become a very Bitcoin will become a highly valued asset going forward, the invitation is to trade very cautiously and take steps to avoid adverse outcomes in the meantime.

Solana surpasses USD $100

But without a doubt, the surprise of the day comes from Solana (SOL), a currency associated with the network Blockchain specially designed for the DeFi ecosystem , which on the morning of August 30 reached new record highs after surpassing the barrier of USD $100 per unit.

It is worth noting that such has been the enthusiasm seen around the price of the digital currency, that its trading volume increased by more than 64% from yesterday to stand at around USD $2.516 billion. Enthusiasts are in favor of the idea that the cryptocurrency will continue its path and record new all-time highs, although this will mainly depend on market traders.

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Winners and losers of the day

Finally, amid the fall seen by most cryptocurrencies, below we review the cases with the steepest fluctuations for this August 30.

Winning cryptocurrencies

Losing cryptocurrencies

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