Art Block succeeds in selling an NFT for USD $5.8 million through OpenSea
Art Block succeeds in selling an NFT for USD $5.8 million through OpenSea By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargelThe

sale ranks as one of the highest sums paid for an NFT, as well as the largest investment ever made by Three Arrow Capital

for a digital collectible.


Ringers #879, the artwork in NFT format created by Dmitri Cherniak and associated with the Art Block group , was traded on OpenSea

for about 1,800 ETH, estimated at the current exchange rate at about USD $5.8 million, and becomes one of the highest priced digital collectibles sold to date.

According to information published on the OpenSea platform , the digital collectible was acquired by the firm Three Arrow Capital, an investment firm within the cryptocurrency sector based in Singapore, which has become publicly known for the large number of purchases it has made throughout this year, especially of NFT backed by Art Blocks


The investment made by this one of this NFT figures as the highest sale recorded by the Art Blocks team to date, as the highest-priced work traded by the group was paid at the time for around 1,000 ETH (estimated at the time at around USD $2.6 million). It is worth noting that this purchase has also been the highest made by Three Arrows Capital

in its history. In relation to the

purchase, the CEO of Three Arrows Capital,

Zhu Su, published a Twitter message where he jokingly expressed himself about the purchase:

“Thesis: we like the Goose.”

The rise of NFTs

This new purchase catapults OpenSea as one of the most successful platforms within the NFT space ,


which tokenized collections and artworks have been traded for values well over USD $100,000. Among some of the most notable cases is precisely the “Bored Apes” collection , for which some 375 ETH

was paid valued at the time at USD $1.16 million.

Meanwhile, the NFT market continues to add a lot of buyers and sellers interested in trading digital collectibles. Let’s keep in mind that to date the item of this type sold for the highest sum was“Everydays – The First 5,000 days.

sold through Christie’s, for which it was paid about USD $69 million.

Let’s keep in mind that the boom and how profitable this sector is turning out to be has even led companies like Marvel, Playboy, Coca-Cola, Dolce & Gabbanna and many other reputable companies to actively enter this market, putting their NFT for sale among their community of fans and enthusiasts familiar with this new fashion.

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