Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez says not to say no to cryptocurrencies "maybe it's a good way"
Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez says not to say no to cryptocurrencies "maybe it's a good way" By Editor DiarioBitcoin

The Argentine president indicated that cryptocurrencies are a topic he has already discussed with the president of the Central Bank of his country.


The president

of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, today stirred up the media in that country by talking about cryptocurrencies in an exclusive interview with Julio Leiva, of the Filo News portal. An excerpt of the interview can be seen on Twitter


First he commented that he had been with the president of the country’s Central Bank talking about it. “It is not only in Argentina, it is a global debate, and I must confess that it is a matter of care, in my case of care for the unknown and because one does not understand exactly how that fortune materializes,” he added and said that the same doubt he has many and believes that “that is why the project does not end up expanding”


However, he says that “it is an issue to consider, because 20 years ago nobody thought that YouTube would be what it is”


The journalist asked him if he thought of any legal tender cryptocurrency, as in the case of El Salvador

Fernández replied that it is “possible” that in the country there is a legal tender cryptocurrency, because he thinks that this instrument could “contain inflationary to a large extent”


But he insists that at the same time it generates insecurity “because some embezzlements have already been verified, some scams with the use of cryptocurrencies, it is a matter of care, I do not want to venture too much because the economic, technological, transparency and non-transparency are mixed”


However, these considerations do not seem to stop him from seeing advantages: “We should not refuse because maybe it is a good way”. He repeated that it could contain inflation by being “in some way a hard currency”


Contrary to the central bank

What the president said does not seem to be in tune with the negative words of the central bank. The media Ámbito recalls that yesterday, the president of the Central Bank of Argentina said

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the Argentine Republic, Miguel Pesce, had expressed that cryptocurrencies “are not a financial asset”, and guaranteed that the monetary authority is going to “regulate the intersection of Bitcoinwith the payment system and the exchange market”.

That official also said that these are instruments “that end up having values that have no reference in any asset and leads to confusion to people with lower level of information”.

But although, as we saw, Fernandez also expressed that it was necessary to be “careful” with cryptocurrencies, he did not reject them completely in the interview.

On the other hand, the Argentine president said he was in favor of the development of the financial system and said: “For me, everything that has to do with banking is correct and everything that has to do with the state knowing, Ithink it’s right. The problem is not that the State knows and that we have the information. The problem is how that information is used.

And he added that technology allows the state to obtain information from the population: “It helps me to know that Juan is having a bad time and needs help from the state. And that Peter is ripping us off and not paying the taxes that are due.”

Sources: Twitter, Cointelegraph, Ambito


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