Apple doesn't want you to buy NFT unless it's with their payment processor.

Key facts


  • The restriction could be known after the blocking of the Gnosis wallet on Apple devices.

  • This type of policy has already caused lawsuits between Apple and Epic Games, developer of Fortnite.

Apple is enforcing its payment method policies to the extreme. As it was learned, cryptocurrency wallet apps cannot allow purchases on NFT marketplaces

. This is because payments are prohibited if they are not made through Apple’s payment platform.

Policies on this issue are nothing new. This even led to a legal confrontation between Apple and the video game company Epic Games, as reported at the time by

CryptoNews, in which case Google was also involved. The Apple company alleged that Fortnite (a game developed by Epic Games) used other payment methods than the one provided by Apple, which violates the company’s internal policies.

Now, it has been possible to know the case of the wallet specialized in the Ethereum ecosystem, Gnosis. One of its managers, Lukas Schor, communicated last September 14, that it had been blocked the new version of its wallet for iOS, which adds NFT

as one of its new features. Apple doesn't want you to buy NFT unless it's with their payment processor. Apple doesn't want you to buy NFT unless it's with their payment processor. Schor hopes that this decision does not turn into “crackdown on all NFTs”. Source: Twitter/@SchorLukas.

Schor comments that Apple’s statement expressing the block on Gnosis shows that the “app includes or accesses digital content, services or functionality paid for by means other than in-app purchase, which is not appropriate for the App Store.”

The executive hopes it’s just “human error” and adds that he will appeal the decision to Apple’s review board. This, in the hope that the situation does not turn into an escalation of policies against NFTs.

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In this scenario, in which Apple considers NFTs as digital assets, the fact that they cannot be purchased with cryptocurrencies could border on the illogical, due to the very nature of this type of tokens that inhabit a cryptocurrency network.

While Apple bans, Google allies

While Google was involved in the veto against the Fortnite app by not allowing payments outside of its own processors, it seems to have a very different view to Apple when it comes to NFTs


Google recently partnered with Dapper Labs, a company dedicated to developing, among other products, NFTs.

The goal of the business alliance is to push the Flow blockchain and the decentralized platforms that make a life there.

This, compared to what has recently happened, seems to set two very different points of view in companies that rival each other in the area of operating system technology: Android and iOS.