Apple: rumors of an investment in Bitcoin (BTC)

Apple’s investment in Bitcoin?

Twitter’s rumor machine has been running amok for the past few days, with reports thatApple may have made a purchase of Bitcoin, to the tune of $2.5 billion. Several cryptocurrency personalities have relayed the rumor, including GalaxyTrading:

It was also echoed by ChainLeak CEO Joshuwa Roomsburg. No reliable source seems to have emerged, however. So this rumor should be taken with very serious reservations.

According to several commentators, Apple is also too careful about its reputation to confirm an investment in Bitcoin:

Apple isn’t doing anything controversial. They are far too brand conscious. At this point,Bitcoin doesn’t fit their ethos.

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Apple and Bitcoin: an evolving relationship?

This is not the first time that a possible purchase of Bitcoin by Apple has been mentioned by the crypto-community. It is known that the company is interested in the field: it had announced the recruitment ofan expert in digital payments and cryptocurrencies last May.

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Overall, however, the company has been notable for being very chilly when it comes to crypto-assets. In 2019, Apple vice president Jennifer Bailey had confirmed that the company considered cryptocurrencies as ” interesting ». But nothing more has leaked from the tech giant’s side, whose communications are always highly locked down.

Without confirmation from Apple, this Bitcoin purchase therefore seems destined to remain at the rumor stage. For some investors, it may be wishful thinking: Apple’s entry into the Bitcoin market would have a considerable effect, and would almost certainly drive up <a href=””>BTC price.

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