"All green and ready," - Hoskinson says of Alonzo's update

“Everything is green and ready, we’re running on schedule,” Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson said of the Alonzo

update in a recent vlog post. Sponsored Sponsored

In the latest material

, Hoskinson said his team just finished a “go/no-go” meeting about the entire infrastructure of the Alonzo update. Hoskinson described how 25 stakeholders went through a “huge checklist of things” and that everything “kept coming up green.” With these confirmations, Hoskinson said the team is now ready to plug the changes into the mainnet and begin the process of incremental updates.

“We are going to initiate an HFC (hard fork

combinator) event on the testnet,” Hoskinson said. “The testnet will be at the Alonzo stage.” He added that it will not be a specialized testnet like Purple, but rather a basic testnet used for exchanges. Sponsored



Hoskinson then outlined a series of dates when Cardano

users can expect more patches to arrive. According to Hoskinson, the Alonzo testnet will launch on September 1. However, the Cardano founder admitted that the team still has some work to do to eliminate some issues.

He said that his team will work over the weekend to fix those bugs that they can and ensure that everything is compatible with the latest version of DB sync.

Once the update is completed on Alonzo’s test network, it will remain there until the application is finalized on Sept. 9. Hoskinson said that if all goes well, he expects the update to go live on Sept. 12. The team would move its implementation up five days, to Sept. 17, if a no-go decision is made at the meeting.

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ERC-20 converter on test network

Last week, Cardano’s parent company, IOHK, announced that it will launch an ERC-20 converter. It will allow Ethereum

assets to be moved to Cardano’s test network and vice versa. The converter is just a bridge between the Ethereum and Cardano networks that will allow easy migration of Ethereum-based assets. The update will appear on the test network announced at the end of this week.


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