After criticism: will Binance follow Coinbase's lead and go public?

CZ has IPO dreams

This is not the first time CZ has addressed Binance’s IPO dreams. As reported, the CEO had previously claimed that an IPO will happen once the necessary corporate structures, such as a headquarters and a legal entity, are in place.

In the aforementioned interview, CZ also revealed that Binance U.S. will be closing a large private funding round in the next two months. This will unintentionally reduce Zhao’s control over the board.

Binance IPO will be a big challenge

Binance’s U.S. arm, however, has been facing some challenges lately. Just last month, newly appointed CEO Brian Brooks resigned, citing differences over strategic direction. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how Binance markets its IPO dreams in the United States along with the regulators, the SEC.

It is worth noting that after Coinbase’s IPO, many crypto companies are now seeking a public listing. These include giants of the industry such as Circle, Kraken, Binance, and others.